Lifan suffers disaster how it will affect Russia


Tectonic movements began on the falling Chinese automotive market. One of the changes affected well-promoted with us

The crisis suddenly began in the automotive market of the neighboring People’s Republic of China, we have repeatedly reported on our channel. Within 28 years, the rapid development and growth of the automotive industry was observed. The Chinese auto industry not only did not experience any serious difficulties, but also stood on his feet as a completely independent world-class player.

In the structure of the automotive industry, it was held both joint ventures with foreign partners and a whole placer of local automotive companies.

But the laws of the economy are omnipotent, and such a long chronologically growth cannot be eternal. Once he must end.

The crisis began unexpectedly, since Chinese statistics show only the slowdown in the growth rate of the country’s economy as a whole. At the car market, the decline happened. This speaks only about overproduction and excessive facilities in the Chinese automotive industry. In the Russian Federation, such a situation is well acquainted. After all, we have on the territory of the Russian Federation such capacity for more than 3.5 million cars per year, and they, of course, are not loaded. Accordingly, the weakest players begin to drop out. We will not list closed and stopped in native fenats of auto plants. We only note that China will have to go through this difficult period.

Moreover, the weakest link in this process will not be joint ventures with the famous autocontracens, and local companies that could not turn around the intensive growth of the market. It is worth noting that two groups of local automakers can be distinguished. The first league is the leading Chinese autocompany. They are high-tech, have a big scale of production, and occupy a very good market position in the PRC.

But in the Chinese automotive industry and in the car market there are players of the second league. It is to such automakers belongs to Lifan. To illustrate, turn to statistics. For the first half of the year under this brand in China, 62,81 car sold. To compare volumes, it is about the same as it sold during this period the fifth Russian player is the French brand Renault. But if we have the fifth result, then

We always amazed why such a brand found a lot of fans in Russia? I suspect that in addition to the right pricing policy, Lifan successfully copied the works of the Japanese car industry. Remember the most popular

In the Russian market, the PIC sales of the Lifan brand came in 2013, when the crisis almost did not let us know about himself. More than 27 thousand Chinese cars diverged then in the country. But then, together with the car market and the Chinese brand actually made a two-time drop, last year selling only 15 thousand cars. And according to the results of 7 months, Lifan sales catastrophically dreamed to 1310 cars. Although a year ago the result was five times big. Mark among the Chinese in 4th place. If a couple of years ago, the most sold Chinese in Russia was

Yes, and in China, Lifan goes Nevjnetski. According to the statistics of the site