Magnetic wipers?


Tesla patented a new original work chart of automotive janitors, which can be used instead of standard complex mechanisms with a multitude of moving elements. The system consists of «beams» installed in front of the windshield with permanent magnets, an electromagnetic rolling block and a guide. The movement of the electromagnetic unit controls a separate control chain that leads a leash of a wiper along a contaminated area. In essence, the block will act as Maglava, and determine the need to clean the glass will be neural.

As a result, «janitors», which do not have a hard fastening and move from one windshield rack to another, actually cleaning the entire surface.

This will eliminate the main lack of janitors, which is preserved from their own invention: they turn relative to the attachment point, so the cleaning zone is obtained by a semicircular, and areas remain on the sides of the glass, to which the janitors do not get.

Interestingly, last year Tesla designed a patent application, which described the technology of the automated system for turning the turn signals. The patent indicated that the need to automatically indicate the rotation would be determined by the computing platform and the ranges of rotation of the steering wheel embedded in it. At the same time, the side system will be able to determine whether the car is going to change the traffic strip or roll from the road.

And even earlier, in 2014, Tesla opened access to its patents, and the head of Ilon Mask stated that henceforth is not going to submit to the court to those who «in good faith use» these technologies. According to the mask, patents serve to «suppress progress», «consolidate the positions of large corporations» and «enrichment of lawyers».