Mahle actively forms the world of future mobility


The future is in the hands of enthusiasts, those who already today not only think about the concepts of mobility of tomorrow, but with their own hands create them, making brave steps to the unknown. To such enthusiasts, no doubt, MAHLE includes, literally, before our eyes, forming a futuristic landscape of global automotive industry.

We are talking to S.

In Mahle, we constantly think about how people and goods will be moved in the future, seeing a number of competing strategies. And although there is no obvious understanding of the most preferred technology all over the world, I am sure that with it (or maybe their) implementations will necessarily be used by MAHLE solutions. To do this, we consistently implement a double strategy — we continue to improve the engine, and at the same time we develop alternative solutions.

Electric vehicles and hybrids at all on hearing, about hydrogen cars say less, but the fact that is very little known about: Last year, MaHle acquired a complex Spanish manufacturer of ESystems for Ebikemotion electric bikes. That is, our company does not just follow global trends, it itself actively forms the world of future mobility.

At the same time, Mahle is not only not so much a manufacturer of components. First of all, we are developers of solutions. For example, for car services, the company today offers not only high-quality spare parts, but also diagnostic and service equipment. This became possible after entering our family of the famous Italian manufacturer BrainBee. I hope that we will have the opportunity to tell your readers about their developments and decisions. And on January 1, 2020, the process of integrating a joint venture BEHR HELLA SERVICE for the production of thermomening systems into the MAHLE structure is completed.

It will be difficult to allocate something one. The scale of scientific developments Mahle clearly demonstrate the following numbers — more than 6,000 engineers and technical specialists are employed in R & D. For 2018, 320 applications for patents and 550 entries on the progress of the invention were submitted, confirming authorship and establishing priority in the collision of rights.

This year, Mahle received the prestigious Clepa Award (European Association of Automotive Suppliers — European Association of the SuppliesTavruble Industry) for innovative development in the field of environmental protection: Electrical compressor of the system compliance. This is not only an essential part of the air conditioning system of a modern car, but also the most important element of the control system with the temperature mode of the electric vehicle battery, from which the charge rate depends on the service life.

In this sense, the battery for the electric vehicle is that the engine for the car on hydrocarbon fuel, and the potential of electrical compressor can be compared, for example, with such a breakthrough MAHLE technology for ICA as an aluminum piston. At the end of October 2018, MAHLE opened in the world the plant for the production of electrical compressors.

In the field of EMobility, it is impossible not to mention the Designed MAHLE concept of a compact city car MEET (Mahle Efficient Electric Transport). The car drive system includes a 48 linked two-link drive with the possibility of vector adjusting torque. Since individual motors move into motion each rear wheel, the differential is not required. Peak output power for each unit is 30 kW (40 l.) And 110 nm. Transfer ratio — 11: 1. Equipped with a lithium-ion accumulatory battery with a capacity of 15.4 kWh, a conceptual car has a mileage of an approximate 200 km, which allows for one week a city on one charging, and the speed reaches 100 km / h.

In the field of MAHLE, MAHLE introduced the technology for converting exhaust gas to electricity (Ewaste Heat Recovery System) for powering electrical system or electric motor. The system is designed for use in commercial transport. Other perspective developing is a mechanism for changing the phases of gas distribution for commercial vehicles MAHLE SHITITING ROLLER SYSTEM. The system is used by the adjustable valve pusher, which can be brought into contact with one of the two profiled cams. Depending on the curve of the second cam, the engine can work as a permanent brake for controlling the temperature of the exhaust gases. The system of fuel reduction and sells the braking function with an efficiency close to the retarder indicators even on low revs.

It is important to mention MAHLE’s desire to continuously improve the quality of its products and production efficiency. In 2018, we got about 80 awards for its quality. The goal is the zero level of production defects. For this, for example, the company invests in the system of artificial intelligence in the form of fully autonomous quality control systems based on camcorders, in Bigdata. We intend to be leaders in the introduction of industry technology 4.0.

The automotive industry develops rapidly, projections regarding specific technologies are difficult to do. However, it is obvious that the car of the future will be much more environmentally friendly and safe, but still will require appropriate maintenance. In the service station of the future, not just mechanics will be in demand, able to twist nuts, but high-class specialists who are versed in electrical and system engineering. Already, the highest paid and demanded specialists are autodiagnosities and auto electricians. I think now you understand why mahleid in the scope of diagnostic equipment — without knowledge of the brain device and the nervous system of the car there is nothing to do here

Russia has a MAHLE Aftermarket division, which provides the after-sales service market by spare parts and service equipment. The task is not so trivial. Portfolio Mahle has about 150,000 products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and special equipment. We offer our customers six brands owned by Mahle — Mahle, Knecht, Behr, Clevite, Brain Bee, Izumi.Susia — one of the largest European MAHLE markets, and the company actively invests funds in business development in Russia. In many ways, the range offered by us to Russian customers is wider than the European offer!

The similarity is that German cars love and appreciate and know the quality of German auto parts! However, in Europe, the overwhelming proportion of auto components is implemented through car service. To whom, as not a person who takes off the old and puts new details, gives them a guarantee, to know about their quality? Therefore, high-quality spare parts for the primary equipment of automakers occupy a high market share on the market.

In Russia, it is much more developed by selling through auto parts stores, online stores or bazaars. Car enthusiasts often have a weak idea that one or another brand represents and risk running into the «German» brand, which only in appearance will be similar to the spare part. Unfortunately, non-professionalism, and often, and simply deception is a common phenomenon in Russia.

Therefore, Mahle pays great attention to improving the professional level of participants in the auto-service market, supports professional skill contests among car service staff.

Our most important task is to ensure the availability of spare parts and service solutions MAHLE in Russia. In Russia there is a distribution centerMahle. We take on the issues of transport logistics and customs clearance of products that goes to Russia not only directly from different Locations in MAHLE in Europe, but also directly from Japan, United States, South America, Canada, Turkey and China, we provide delivery to «doors» Distributor. And not only on their central warehouses, but also to regional branches. An important element of our interaction is the permanent information exchange, training, understanding and support of the «economy» of our partners. I believe that Mahle is lucky to have one of the best networks not just customers, but partners!

This year our global brand has changed — with Mahle Original on just Mahle. Inside each package with MAHLE logo, you will always find the original. The packaging design has changed — it has become more modern and bright. BEHR Product Packaging Color Changed with orange on blue, and MAHLE engine parts packs color with red on blue.

In addition, this year to the market we brought the service equipment under the MAHLE brand — service systems of autoconditioners and replacement in the ACP. Real success in the market for steel filters ACP and five-layer cabin filters CareMetix. Such a cabin filter highlights unpleasant odors and poisonous gases. Constantly in the center of our attention, the adaptation of prices for the requirements of the market, as well as the development of the engine, especially the engine parts to Japanese and Korean cars.

For car service and retail, we offered a Mahle Plus loyalty program — buying products under our brands, you can count on Mahle’s oscillate gifts.

Well, the key project of 2020 is the integration of Behr Hella Service products to the MAHLE marketing network. From January 1, 2020, a wide range of engine cooling systems and air conditioning systems will be available for our partners.