Mahle oil filters


Clean engine oil reduces friction, cools the engine parts, protects against corrosion and seals the combustion chamber.

Oil is constantly exposed to loads: combustion products, dust, oil naiga, soot, abrasion and condensate products can pollute the oil and lead to premature wear of the engine components.

MAHLE oil filters reliably hold dirt particles. Thanks to the special folding geometry, filters are resistant to cold engine start. Load peaks up to 20 bar are compensated by high strength of the filter body for compression.

The safety valve guarantees oil supply under any circumstances, whether it is a viscous oil at a cold engine start or low street temperature, or high filter contamination in case of non-compliance with the timing of the filtering elements. Reverse shut-off valve prevents outflow oil from the filter when the engine is turned off and ensures fast oil to oil after starting. High-quality sealing materials and thoroughly fitted connecting parts guarantee the separation of polluted and filtered oil.

An important prerequisite for the impeccable operation of the oil filter is the timely replacement in accordance with the specified car manufacturer.

The new MAHLE oil filter in modular design for commercial cars is characterized by a very good adjacent ability both on the oil side and on the coolant side.

Due to the high density of the adjustment, the number of grooves and points of the seal is reduced. The use of innovative polymeric materials provides a decrease in the weight of the filter and its cost.

Effective oil filter replacement

The design allows you to perform the replacement of the filter convenient and simple. Made of sheet steel by deep exhaust and applying powder coating, the filter is easily developed using a polyhedron. The top washer is equipped with a thread for the screwdriver and the gaze gasket. Inside the most filter element is an inner shelter, which serves to protect against oil pressure acting in the direction from the inside outward.

Replaceable filter elements

Replaceable filtering elements from the OH and OH-ESO series are a very economical solution for car service: instead of a whole filter, only a contaminated filter element is replaced. This is a very reasonable solution from an environmental point of view, which saves both materials and waste disposal costs. The filter elements of OH-ECO do not contain metal components, so complete disposal is subject to complete disposal. We supply filter elements for all types of oil filters with a detachable case.

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