Mahle transmission filters


Transmission oil, like all the fuel and lubricants of the car, is susceptible to aging and loss of its properties. With extremely high temperatures caused by, for example, sports driving or trailer towing, automatic transmission oil may lose its properties faster than under normal conditions. In order to extend the service life of increasingly complex automatic transmissions and ensure their uninterrupted work, many car manufacturers change their strategy for transmission oil control, leaving oil refueling for the entire service life to its regular replacement as needed.

Just better: Dynamic oil change

With a conventional or static oil replacement, approximately 30-50% of transmission oil is replaced, and the new oil is mixed with old oil. In contrast to the dynamic replacement of transmission oil using MAHLE Fluid Pro® equipment, it is replaced up to 100%.


Installation on the flushing The Fluid Pro® ATX 180, ATX-2 and ATX-3 allows you to perform dynamic oil replacement automatically without human participation.

The Fluid Pro® ATX 180 system changes to 100% oil per cycle. But the installation can also boast other useful features, including service time from 5 to 10 minutes and numerous sets of devices covering about 90% of the automatic transmission.

Filters of transmission oil companies

Our transmission oil filters remove abrasive particles from the transmission and provide effective damage protection. MAHLE is ready to offer optimal solutions for many popular brands and vehicle types. And our range will expand.

Advantages for drivers:

• Excludes the cost of repairing the gearbox.

• The gear shift is significantly improved.

• Small transmission malfunctions (such as shocks or sharp touch) are eliminated.

• Running gearbox increases.