Maxtrac’s Pnownrac


In 2019.


This is a modern alternative to the original suspension module, setting which, you retain the quality of the original equipment of your car and 100% of the functionality of the air suspension, excellent handling, confident braking, excellent course stability, as on the first day of operation.

All components are tested, easily mounted, ensuring reliability on the road and maintaining a high power reserve in any situation.


Shock absorbers

Gas oil shock absorbers

Thanks to the unification due to a small range of products, a high degree of car park is achieved.

Shock absorbers design

Spare springs

The production program is improved by the development of engineering and technical personnel of the company. Springs

Modern technologies are used to ensure high anti-corrosion protection: Springs are tested with zinc phosphatization and powder coating (epoxy resin). Range

High quality pleasure lasts longer than low-cost joy.

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