Mitsubishi: Blue Mood Color


Sales of crossover Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2020 model year, which received a new body color and slightly modified appearance

Mitsubishi announced the start of the Russian sales of the updated crossover Eclipse Cross 2020 model year. Prices for the car that received a new body color and some changes in the exterior, start with a mark of 1 910,000 rubles.

But the most important chip of the new crossover is that the exclusive color of the Blue Metallic became available for it, which in Russia will enter the «palette» of only this model.

The dimensions of the renewed compact crossover are: length 4 405 mm, width 1 805 mm, base — 2,670 mm.

On the lid of the door of the luggage compartment, additional sections of the overall lights forming now have a single horizontal line appeared.

In addition, the logo with the name of the Eclipse Cross model was transferred to the left side of the trunk door, replacing the inscription with the name of the brand. Finally, the front doors added LED lamps in the opening handle zones for additional backlight.
The technical component and configuration of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross remained unchanged. The crossover is available with the only 1.5-liter gasoline engine, developing 150 hp and 250 nm of torque. The engine works in a pair with a variator. Drive — on the front or on all wheels.

The basic version of the basic version includes a brake force stabilization and distribution system, fog lights, tire pressure sensor, heated front seats, with four speakers and a USB port audio system, and climate control.

Other options and specifications remain unchanged according to the sets. As for the prices — they do not differ from prices for the model 2019 model year. For a 1.5-liter front-wheel drive SUV initial configuration, the InStyle is asked for 1,910,000 rubles. The same car with a full drive is estimated at 2,052,000 rubles, and for the fulfillment machine of the top-end equipment, Ultimate will ask 2,256,000 rubles. But there is a surcharge in colors: for a new metallic 17,000 rubles, for the «white mother of pearl» — 20,000 rubles, for the «red diamond» — 32,000 rubles.