Mud — Fight!


South Korean tire manufacturer Hankook has introduced new mud tires that will easily cope with any autumn dishthele

Submit new mud tires called Hankook Dynapro MT2 South Korean manufacturer promised at the beginning of the year. But so far their official premiere is postponed. Despite this, in South Korea, these tires have already arrived on sale — there you can buy them in the T’Station trading network owned by Hankook. This means that soon they will appear in other markets.

HANKOOKDYNAPRO MT2 must replace in the assortment model Hankook Dynapro MT. The model is similarly positioned as the most extreme off-routine tires in the history of the Korean brand.

The tire protector has large and very outstanding V-shaped tread blocks, obviously designed to provide maximum permeability on off-road.

The soils are removed on the side walls for additional protection and improve traction.

Although HankookDynapro MT2 is a pronounced off-road bus, the manufacturer notes that 3D modeling made it possible to optimize the drawing to reduce the noise level when driving along asphalt roads.

In Korea, the tires went on sale in five sizes from 215/75R15 to 265 / 70R16. Most likely, as the ruler will be significantly expanded to the world market. Earlier it was reported that the tires are planned to be produced in 14 sizes with a diameter of 14 to 20 inches. All the details of the novelty should appear soon.