New attack is postponed.


Chinese second-hand cars in Russia «will not go» without the support of the PRC authorities and the change of consumer sentiment of Russians and their attitude to cars produced in the Middle Kingdom.

Neighboring China slows down the pace of its unrestrained economic growth and it imposes an imprint on its automotive market, the largest in the world. In the first half of this year, 10.5 million cars were sold to the PRC, which is 13% less than in the first half of last year. There is not just a slowdown, but in fact, the crisis. The Chinese government did not invent anything new, but turned to methods that Avno tested on other car markets, in particular, in a neighboring Japanese.

So far, only the first batch of 300 used cars with a total value of $ 2.5 million sent from Guangdong Province (South China). As they say, it is only the «first swallow».

This event did not remain unnoticed in Russia and a number of experts the car market expressed their forecasts regarding the influence of Chinese second-hand on the situation in the Russian market as a whole and on the auto industry of the Russian Federation.

Recall, although China is leading on the world car market of new cars, but last year, for the first time since the 90s, there was a drop in demand for new cars.

Prior to this, the market in the PRC grew continuously 28 years old, but how grew up! Growth rates were double-digit.

And so, encountered for the first time with a fall in demand, this very excited local authorities. Why? Yes, because the PRC joined the «Trade War» path with the United States, with the filing of President Donald Trump.

At the same time, the market for used cars is not so developed here: in 2018, only 13 million 820 thousand used cars were sold in the PRC, despite the fact that 23 million new cars were sold. Importing new cars amounted to just over 1 million and import only those brands that are not produced in the territory of the PRC (Tesla, Subaru, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz et al.). Therefore, the «raising from the knees» of the secondary market is the matter of honor of the government.

And even if his lifting is coming at the expense of the neighbors, it is unlikely that anyone will condemn. After all, no one condemns Japan for the export of his right-handed used cars. Even on the contrary, consumers of many countries, and even in our country are satisfied with such an acquisition.

To unload the secondary market and spur sales on the primary car market, the PRC authorities allowed exports of used cars of Chinese brands and foreign cars collected in the country,

How will this decision of the Chinese authorities affect the near future? According to the head of projects for the business processes of the GC, the Avtospets Center of Constantine Avakyan, at the first time the amount of vehicles exported from China will be several hundred, which is not a serious threat.

Customs barriers for used, the need to equip the vehicle by the ERA-GLONASS system, an increased recycling collection for imported used machines, non-compliance with technical and environmental standards for some time «will be repurchased» the Russian market from Chinese running machines.

The specialist believes that, most likely, the Chinese Used imports will be sold through Internet auctions, or car dealerships, in the latter case the price will grow by 30-50 thousand rubles. (at the Dealer Commission).

However, there are many brands of European and Japanese cars in Chinese car market. The question in specifications and equipment, directly affecting duties and fees. Due to taxation, for example, not all of them will be relevant in the Russian market. There is a possibility of restrictions of the model range and complete sets, the general director of the direction of cars with mileage mileage Avto-SELEKT Sergey Firsov has noticed.

Member of the Board of Directors of GC Dolvto Sergey Klimov believes that this is a kind of machine utilization program with mileage to Russia, and without the financial support of the government of the PRC does not work.
Recall that today licenses for the removal of used cars. Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangdong Province. Included in the list of 10 regions. According to the calculations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the PRC, the exports used cars from China will be about 10% of the entire secondary market. That is, the Chinese themselves are still reserved perspective. But, as you know, the dragon does not immediately wake up.