New Defender for Off-Road Conquerors


The DEFEnder SUV company Land Rover was presented at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The novelty will soon appear on 128 markets worldwide, but in Russia in a year.

The British automaker continues the traditions of his off-road conquerors. Developers claim that he inherited from the legendary predecessor of the spirit of adventure and non-free off-road abilities. Indeed, these two cars have only a concept and name.

Rama remained in the past. The new all-terrain vessel is built on the D7x platform, which is a modified and seriously enhanced «cart» of the current Discovery. The bearing body design with wide use of aluminum, front double-mounted suspension and rear multi-dimensions are preserved. But it was stated that 95% of the elements are new, and in extreme conditions the chassis can withstand the load up to seven tons! Although the passport capacity is not more than 900 kg, plus a trailer weigh up to 3.5 tons and to withstand the maximum static load on the roof of 300 kg.

The new car will be available in two versions of the body: short and elongated. The first will ensure the ability to install up to six chairs, while Defender 110 offers five or six chairs or configuration of 5 + 2 seats. The new Defender will be offered in the Standard, S, SE, HSE and Defender X trim, and the FIRST EDITION killy version will be available during the first year of production.

Defender also became the first Land Rover, which received the advanced Configurable Terrain Response technology, which allows owners to configure a number of systems to make sure exactly as much as possible. The new «Brod» mode optimizes the characteristics of the car to overcome the brodes and thereby guarantee the driver’s confidence when forceing water obstacles. Thanks to advanced solutions, Defender guarantees the maximum depth of the brought to 900 mm overcome.

Defender’s weak motors will not yet be: the starting gamma consists of modular engines ingenium with a capacity of 200 to 400 forces! The choice is a two-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel for versions of D200 and D240 (index indicates power), the gasoline turbocarity of the same volume for the modification of P300, and at the top of the gamma — Defender P400 with a row three-liter «six» (400 hp, 550 nm), which has an electric pressure and 48-volt starter generator. Such an SUV can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 6.4 s! Although even the basic 200-strong option is not slow (9.9 s). All versions have an eight-stage «automatic» ZF.

Defender has ceased to be an ordinary Spartan SUV. Prices are: for the «one hundred tenth» in England asking at least 45240 pounds sterling.

By the way, for safari you can order a climbing sliding section of the roof so that passengers of the second row can get in full growth.