New generation of signal autolapier OSRAM LEDRIVING: bright and thermal resistant LEDs


OSRAM, the leading global manufacturer of automotive lighting systems, has updated the range of LEDRIVING® LED LEDs. The retrofits of the new generation of Linek Premium and Standard are designed to replace the standard «halogen» in the auxiliary lighting — in the signals of braking and reverse, overall lights, turning signs, etc. lamps are characterized by increased brightness, simplicity of installation, durability and elegant design.

LED LEDRIVING PREMIUM SL LEDs are designed to replace signal lamps with W21W and W21 / 5W * bases *. These lamps are so bright that it is often enough of the entire pair of diodes in their design. It is also original as the positioning of diodes in the lamp: they are located not throughout the surface of the case, as it usually happens in similar devices, and so that the strict direction of the emitted light is ensured — thereby achieving its more homogeneous distribution. The color-desired color is cold white, red or orange — created by the LED crystal itself, and not a painted plastic cap. This technical know-how Osram made it possible to completely abandon the use of familiar flasks in LED signal lamps.

Another innovation Ledriving Premium SL is a highly efficient cooling system. A special metal radiator provides the optimal thermal mode of operation of the LEDs. It is known that overheating of the LEDs is the main factor that reduces their resource, so high-quality cooling is one of the most important requirements when designing LEDs. Tests in real conditions convincingly demonstrate that due to the progressive cooling system or summer heat nor urban traffic jams significantly affect the color and brightness of OSRAM LED lamps. Advanced technologies provide LEDRIVING PREMIUM SL lamps up to 5000 hours, high resistance to impact and vibrations and 80% less energy consumption. And confirmation of this — expanded up to 6 years old guarantee OSRAM on the LEDs of the PREMIUM line.

The second generation of LEDRIVING SL STANDARD series is designed to replace lamps with bases of type W21W, W21 / 5W, P21W, PY21W, P21 / 5W, P27 / 7W *. For the power of the light stream and uniformity of light, the new Standard lamps exceed the predecessors, including due to the optimized location in the design of LED chips, providing more directional light. As in more advanced lamps of the Premium line, there is also a metal radiator as a cooling system. Technical improvements of the Ledriving SL Standard series allowed to reduce power consumption, ensure the service life of lamps with brighter LEDs at 2500 hours and provide for these lamps of 4 years warranty.

New Ledriving Standard and Premium lamps are produced at OSRAM plants in Italy and are supplied to the market in a new packaging, which contains a visual comparison of standard LED lamps and information about the appropriate CANBUS CONTROL UNIT resistor (if it is necessary to use it to a specific lamp). Smart Electronics LED-lamps OSRAMDels the installation of LEDs to replace standard lamps as simple as possible — on the Plug & Play principle.