New «Heart» Patriot


The upgraded gasoline Motor ZMZ Pro, which is characterized by a more efficient cooling system, began to produce serially on the Volga Motor Plant (ZMZ) of the Domestic Automobile Watering Group Sollers.

What is so notable for a new engine that will be installed on SUVs of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant (UAZ)?

Recall that both ZMZ and UAZ are part of the Sollers group Vadim Shevtsov. Superior ZMZ Pro motor will be aggregated with an automatic PUNCH transmission on the UAZ Patriot SUV. All automotive media and Internet portals wrote about the first machine on domestic all-terrains. Therefore, it makes no sense to repeat and paint automatic box from French Strasbourg. Let us dwell on the engine.

Today, serial motors come from the assembly conveyor of the enterprise, and most recently they were produced by bypass technology. Now that in the improvement of ZMZ Pro has invested more than 100 million rubles. Investments, by the end of the year, the production plan will be issued about 3,000 such updated force aggregates.

The ZMZ had to master the release of about 30 original parts and nodes. Among them are reinforced block and cylinder head, seaside carrier, Carter amplifier, CARTER Opports of the ACP, water pump, thermostat, crankshaft, stamped products. Also updated and the details supplied with cooperation enterprises are new pistons, heat-resistant valves, a two-row chain of timber distribution. But the enhanced engine chip is a new thermostat that allows you to circulate the coolant for a small circle through the heater. A new cooling system increases the overall reliability of the engine.

The main characteristics of the engine. Volume 2.7 l, power 150 hp, torque 235 nm.

The ZMZ Pro engine with a new cooling system will be installed on conventional UAZ patriot all-terrain vehicles with a 5-speed DYMOS mechanical gearbox.

In addition to the gasoline version, there is a bitoxic modification that can consume both gasoline and propane-butane.

«The consumer has long been waiting for a UAZ car with an automatic transmission, because this is a timing of time, and a plus to this project the engine cooling system is changed in order to be more comfortable in the car’s cabin. The new car with our engine is necessary to the consumer that, as we assume, will increase the demand for the final product — on the car and, accordingly, will contribute to the growth of our production, «said Mikhail Solovyev engines, director of the ZMZ engines.

Recall that ZMZ Pro is the actual modernized version of the ZMZ-409 motor, the release of which started in the late 90s. ZMZPRO is also installed on the model LCV UAZ PRO.

I wonder if the gas will be interested in a new power unit? After all, under the hood of the Gazelle NEXT, such a motor can be well adapted.