New Japanese Alliance in the Automotive


Japanese automakers Toyota and Subaru signed an agreement on the establishment of a new business and capital alliance in order to further develop and strengthen the long-term partnership.

Toyota and Subaru officially announced the beginning of a new stage of cooperation, which began in 2005. Companies signed an agreement within which the shares will be exchanged for additional packages.

Within the framework of the new agreement, partners will develop new all-wheel drive and fully electrical models. In addition, Subaru will be able to use Toyota hybrid systems in their cars. Another area of cooperation is to create autonomous control systems and telematics. Also, companies have officially confirmed collaboration on Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ New Generation Sports.

Details about the following GT86 / BRZ are not disclosed, but the main engineer Toyota recently stated that the second generation 86 will be better in managing than Supra. According to preliminary information, sports cars will drive from the Subaru Global platform to the Toyota TNGA architecture and get the engine from Subaru Ascent.

In June of this year, Toyota and Subaru agreed to jointly develop a new platform for electrocars. Perennial SUBARU developments in the field of all-wheel drive technology will be united with Toyota electrical technologies. The new «trolley» will become the basis for fully electric cars of the D- and C-segment, including sedans and crossovers. It will be the first to get a new compact electric crossover, which companies plan to jointly develop and sell under their brands.