New Maza will be closed with kamaz at a construction site


Will new construction dump trucks of the Minsk Automobile Plant be serious competitors of Kamazam? The answer to this question we tried to find in the model line of the Belarusian automaker. And we, how to say, they struck several models, which, for sure, will be interested in domestic captains of the Content.

The most impressive model in the model line of the Belarusian automaker, is a dump truck in the MAZ-643028-8520-012 saddle tractor (6×4) and the three-axis semi-trailer MAZ-953003-030-010. Its technically allowable total mass is 65 tons!

Today there are many such road trains on the roads of the country, they are transported, crushed stone and other bulk of construction purposes. But in this Armade building dump trucks there are practically no Belarusian tractor and semi-trailer.

Most often as a tractor, a truck produced by the «large European seven» (Man, Scania, Volvo, etc.) is used, and the name of the foreign brand or the domestic «Tonar» is also written on board the dumping semi-trailer. And here and the tractor, and the semi-trailer of one manufacturer.

The main feature of the MAZ-643028 tractor is the Chinese 430-strong Weichai WP12.430E50 engine (EURO-5), which is characterized by a high torque (2060 nm) and a resource of 1 million km run. While the power units of Chinese production are dedicated to tractors, but representatives of the Minsk Automobile Plant say that there is soon in the motor compartment, the drigs, released at the joint venture «MAZ-Wajka». On the enterprise conveyor, the assembly of these aggregates is already underway.

The MAZ-643028-8520-012 tractor is equipped with a hydropotage and a 26-ton rear suspension, bridges, naturally, Mazova. Load on SSU — 22.600 kg. Cabs from the «Spacious» series with a low roof and one bedroom.

In general, the dump truck began to acquire popularity from builders. For incomplete two years of release from the conveyor, 266 such cars have left (2018th — 67 units, 2019th — 199). The price of a tractor in the basic configuration today approximately 150 thousand rubles. with VAT (these are prices in the Belarusian currency). But if you take to order a tractor equipped with the Russian MOTOR NMZ-653 (MAZ-6430C9), then it will cost about 3-4 thousand Belarusian rubles more expensive. (course of the Belarusian ruble 31.4 Russian rubles. under the Central Bank of the Russian Federation).

Now turn out to look at the semi-trailer. This is the newest dumping semi-trailer MAZ-953003-030-010. Among its advantages is less than that of the predecessors, the cutting mass; Large load capacity and large «cube» and higher technical specifications.

The MAZ-953003-030-010 semi-trailer is made with high-strength steels (the bottom of the body — Hardex, the side is low-alloyed steel), which provides low currency weight — only 8050 kg. Due to this, the semi-trailer carrying capacity when using the 9-ton SAF import axes (BPW can be used) is 30.950 kg. The volume of the platform is 30 cu. m. Price to date — 82 thousand rubles. With VAT for the Belarusian consumer. And one more news: this semi-trailer has already passed certification and is ready for serial production.

And one more model is the four-axle dump truck MAZ-6516E8-520-000 with wheel formula 8×4. Its carrying capacity — 29.900 kg (technically permissible). At the same time, the outfit mass of the car is 14.900 kg. His chip — a new row 6-cylinder engine Mercedes-Benz Om457La.v / 4 (Euro-5) with a capacity of 428 hp This is a more modern model, which compared to the former V-shaped «eight» Mercedes-Benz om501la.v (the motor is removed from production and is no longer produced) is of greater efficiency and less price.

Two dump trucks with rear unloading: P-shaped and U-shaped. Volume in both cases — 21 cubic meters. m. Price — approximately 180 thousand Belarusian rubles. with VAT for the Belarusian consumer (depending on the configuration). Note that this model is also gaining popularity among Belarusian builders. There are already three dozen such four-cakes on the masse.

An even more popular promises to be a dump truck-four-breeder MAZ-651628 with a 430-power engine Weichai Power WP12.430E50 (Euro-5). It has a technically permissible load capacity of 33.300 kg, which makes it a serious competitor to the newest KAMAZ-65801.

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