One haval in the warrior field


The incompleteness of the event that occurred as the appearance of the first car assembly plant of the full cycle of the Chinese automaker in the Russian Federation is unlikely to evaluate anything worthy.

Today, the center of gravity of many discussions rapidly emerging on the Internet and on car forums concerns the estimates of the HAVAL F7 crossover, which many predict failure from us.

So far, really, the results of sales for August do not inspire great optimism. But as they say in the people — Likha trouble began. And if you look from the position of the history of the last one and a half years, the breakthrough is obvious, and that is why.

For long enough Russian officials who guard the industry, fought off the Chinese auto industry, protecting local producers.

And applications, if you were accurate. Today, it is unlikely that someone will remember how in the middle of the last decade, the Chinese automakers tried to penetrate. There were attempts to establish production in Novosibirsk, Biysk, Omsk and other cities of Russia, but they came out for the reluctance of government officials to sign promissory agreements and giving huge preferences that were put on investors under legislation.

Then on the roads of the country for the first time there were cars with unknown and unusual earlings of brands and models like Chery Tiggo with Mitsubishi Motor, the ZX Admiral Pickup, which was like a police of one of the countries and others.

Today, estimating the period of the development of the car industry,

So what is the extraordination of the fact that the Chinese brand of the Chinese brand has started working in Russia?

According to the minister, this company does not ask for nothing, first built the plant, and only then we received an application for a special flowraction (SPIK).

He noted that the company has passed evolutionary and innovative development. This is the most important thing for us. And if Chinese comrades fulfill everything, as stated in their investment plans, it will be a high-quality and good partner.

Recall, the Chinese plant «Havale Motors Manufechchuring Rus» plans to create capacity for gasoline engines and automatic boxes

Of course, the Minister of Industry and Trade noted, this means both increased competition, but not with our main Russian models — the cost of cars of the Chinese concern begins from 1.5 million rubles.

Is it possible to expect the appearance on the territory of the Russian Federation other automotive plants of companies from the Middle Kingdom?

The minister responded several evasively on this question: «unlikely.» Now we, taking into account the additional needs of additional needs built in the construction of additional needs in new automotive facilities. In second matter, this is due to the introduction of new rules of conditionally called SPIK 2.0. For which we will announce competitions on technology, and not to create production.

This is an interview with the Minister, published in September in the newspaper «Vedomosti,» says much. Attracting new automakers in the Russian Federation ended, the creation of new industries is already inappropriate, the Russian market can hardly absorb what plants of foreign companies produce.

Once upon us, we had ambitious goals, to become the market number 1 in Europe and even overtake in sales of Germany.

Even concrete numbers were called — 3.5 — 4 million cars per year. But, as it turned out, these are unrealized plans.

As for Chinese automakers, according to the Minister, Haval will remain alone. True, there are also two loopholes. The first, well-known Kaliningrad plant «Avtotor», where some time it is possible to produce cars with a screwdriver, without any restrictions. And the second loophole is the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. As you know, Geely enjoys them, creating a joint venture «BelDi».

In the meantime, the news tape brought information the Russian Plant «Havale Motors Manufechchuring Rus» expanded the production line at the expense of the HAVAL F7X crossover coupe. The new coupe-crossover will be performed simultaneously with the HAVAL F7 crossover.

The first commercial cars are expected in September. The novelty will receive the same Turbomotors Great Wall 1.5 and 2.0 with a capacity of 150 and 190 hp and 7-speed robots with two wet clutches. Differences in two cars are not enough, both in characteristics and in the equipment. The width and wheelbase is the same, and the coupe is 5 mm in short and 35 mm below. Such a weapon will conquer the automotive market of the Russian automaker.