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In St. Petersburg, an anniversary Nissan Murano has gone to the Nissan factory conveyor.

The Nissan plant in St. Petersburg noted the release of a 400 thousandth car. This manufacturing line has passed for more than a 10-year term. The jubilee model was the flagship of the line crossover line — Nissan Murano gray-brown in the Top configuration. It turns out, on average, the plant produced 40,000 cars per year. The reason is that the production capacity of the enterprise was originally aimed at the release of crossovers. And now after the end of the assembly

In a press release received by our channel, it is said.

More recently, Nissan announced a new price policy on Nissan Murano. Now customers of the brand can be even easier to become the owners of the status car, because Murano has become more accessible by an average of 10%.

Nissan Murano combines a bright unique design, advanced technologies and a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. Powerful engine, excellent handling, space in the cabin and a spacious trunk make a car with an excellent helper and an indispensable companion in both the city on weekdays and family travels on the weekend.

In all configurations, the car is equipped with remote launch of the engine, which is relevant at any time of the year: the interior will be heated or cooled, depending on the latest user settings.

The price of the basic configuration MID can be only 2,099,000 rubles. The price of the car in a similar configuration without taking into account special proposals will be 2,299,000 rubles.

The highest quality assembly at the plant in St. Petersburg has played an important role in the launch of Nissan five-year support for its models. Its essence is very simple: the company takes additional obligations after the end of the factory guarantee for another 2 years or before reaching 150,000 km to carry out maintenance for its clients on key units.

The general director of the Nissan plant Igor Fighters, congratulated employees with the release of the anniversary model and noted the importance of this event for the history of Nissan’s development in Russia: «

Recall that the production of cars at the Nissan plant in Russia began in 2009. Now there are three models of the brand — Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Qashqai and Nissan Murano. In 2018, the plant in St. Petersburg released 56,525 cars, putting a record of the annual release in the entire history of Nissan in Russia. For the first 9 months of 2019, at the Nissan plant in St. Petersburg, 39,825 QASHQAI crossovers, X-TRAIL and Murano were produced.

According to statistics «AUTOSTAT INFO», in Russia in September this year, 5108 Nissan brand was sold. This is 22.6% less than last year’s sales indicator — 6601 units. In the first 9 months of this year, the sales volume of Nissan cars decreased in an annualized comparison of 15.3%, from 54,668 to 46,305 units. Auto respectively.