Opel returns to the Russian Federation.


CEO of two brands Opel / Vauxhall Michael Hoshell noted that due to the fact that the German brand restarts production within the framework of the French Concern PSA, it places high hopes for renewing activities in Russia.

Earlier, our channel told that in the fourth quarter of this year

«The decision of the General Motors concern about the departure of Russia’s Opel brand then it was very struck. Currently in the Russian Federation there are more than 500,000 cars of the Opel brand, Mark is still very popular here. And in general, in Russia, the German brand exists and work easier than French, «said Michael Hoshera in an interview with the German publication Automobilwoche.

According to the Chief Opel, the plans remain unchanged. At the PSMA factory in Kaluga, the production of a minibus Zafira Life (overflowing Citroen Spaceter / Peugeot Traveler) and a commercial Opel Vivaro van (also overflowing Citroen Jumpy / Peugeot Expert) will be deployed. In the passenger segment, as the edition notes, two Opel Crossland and Opel GrandlandX crossover will be presented. Also, the publication notes that the Granndland X crossover from the Oisenhe Opolev (Earth Thuringia, Germany) was previously expected.

And here the intrigue is found, since earlier, nor the Moscow office of PSA, none of them, have not been announced plans for the production of car class SUV in Russia.

The press service Opel responded quickly on the material, which published Automobilwoche, stating that the journalist incorrectly interpreted the words of the Horsener. The Chef did not approve that the company plans to localize the two models of GrandlandX and Crossland in Russia at their Kaluga PSMA factory.

In this regard, it is worth paying attention to the fact that sales and, accordingly, the production volumes of two French grades are extremely low. Statistics, we suggest that in the first half of the current 2019, 1,522 French van of this line was released, which are classified by classification to K0. These vans, unlike large vans of the Gazelle or Ford Transit type, do not use high demand from Russian commercial carriers. The reason for such a relationship has developed, rather due to the limited size of the useful volume of the van, and low loading capacity.

Today, the production of these vans occurs as follows. From the sevel plant located in the north of France, large and cooked fragments of the body of the vans are supplied. Here, in Kaluga, with the help of manual welding units, the body is fully manufactured, and then the cooked body goes into the color and the final assembly. That is, the addition of the model range of French vans «OPELEVSKY» will contribute to a more complete loading of this production line. But even with OPEL, it is unlikely to be loaded at 100%. There will be more power reserves.

And here the intrigue arises. The fact is that the vans, which we talked above, and the Grandland X compact crossover was created on the same EMP2 platform. For local assembly, this is quite a sufficient basis, even despite the fact that it seems to be very different cars. On the other hand, if we put on the Kaluga conveyor Opel Grandland, then with another single-platform Peugeot 3008.

However, it is difficult to evaluate the words of the Chief Opel «German brand to exist and work easier than French.» So you can only definitely say. There is a scrupulous calculation, which models need to be released in Russia. After all, the PSA group recently signed a special kontraktract (SPIK), where he promised in addition to building out the production of cars, also master the production of engines and gearboxes to them. And this, by the way, very serious investments that should be confused by huge amounts of car sales. And in this case it is important not to be mistaken. And the reality is as follows, they love more, they know and appreciate Opel.