Perspective Gazelle published


The promising «workhorse» countries were presented at the ComTrans exhibition in Moscow.

When the gas group at the end of last year concluded a special investment contract (SPIK) with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the name «Gazel-2020» flashed in the text. It immediately pointed to us that, despite the young age of NEXT Gazelle, Gorkovchans lead work on the next generation of their two-year.

And here is the urban «workhorse» — the new «Gazelle NN» is shown at the ComTrans exhibition in Moscow. The main visual difference of the car is a diode optics and several bloated bumpers. But it strongly visited the exterior of the car.

But most of all changes inside the car. Gazelle NN received a more comfortable driver’s seat with 20 types of adjustments, climate control, a multimedia system with a 9-inch screen, a new steering wheel with a set of submissive switches and buttons is available to Adas features.

The new dashboard has 8 USB connections, the output of the charger on 220b, niches for smartphones, plastic cards, cups of coffee and water bottles. The manufacturer assures that technical improvements helped to significantly reduce the level of noise and vibrations.

As for the engine, there is a small sensation. The new generation of «Gazelle NN» will receive a diesel 2-liter Volkswagen CSL, which develops power 136 hp (340 nm). The engine works in a pair with a new 6-speed «mechanics». The maximum speed of the car is 130 km / h.

Will other power units in the model line — not reported. But all new systems can significantly raise the cost of our «half-hour», and therefore, most likely, will be available exclusively as additional equipment — simple «analog» versions in the gamma will also remain. Like engines UMP and Chinese Cummins.

At the exhibition showed an onboard truck «Gazelle NN». Gas representatives stated that on the basis of «Gazelles NN» will be further created more widely than based on the Gazelle NEXT platform, a model range of light commercial vehicles with a total mass of 3.5 and 4.6 tons, with various types of body, wheelbases and options for special equipment.

A group of gas is planning to start the release of «Gazelle NN» at the end of next year, and in the market it will appear in the first quarter of the 2021th. The cost will be announced closer to the start of the sales. But there is such a moment. As you know, the sanctions of the US Ministry of Finance can amend this schedule, and not only.