Presented the Russian project Roadster «Crimea» 2.0


The new concept of the Russian middle-car rhodster «Crimea» changed the prototype.

The new concept of the Midnoor Rhodster of Crimea, developed with the participation of specialists and MSTU constructors to them. Bauman. This is a continuation of work on a fundamentally new Russian car. In the model range of domestic automakers, this type of car is still not.

Restyling changed the appearance of the car, the first prototype of which was represented a couple of years ago. As a result of the work carried out, the car received bumpers with more rigid lines, completely LED headlights and lights.

However, the second copy of the rodster differs not only by improved exterior design, but also in engineering.

On the first prototype, the carrying structure was presented with a spatial framework welded from steel pipes. On the second prototype, the load is carried by a boxed monoclee welded from sheet metal.

This is a new approach, the manufacture of which includes laser cutting sheets, manufacturing profiles, followed by their welding. This monoclene is easier and tougher than an old spatial frame made of pipes.

New outdoor panels have a more technological design, so it is better to docile with each other. In other words, there are no uneven gaps on the car, the distance between the panels is not varied. Also on the second copy, a reliable hydraulic grip and upgraded suspension are applied.

The sports car is equipped with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine VAZ-21127 with a capacity of 106 hp, familiar with the Lada Granta family.

The car has enough rainbow perspectives. Car creators hope to launch small-scale production. The potential demand for Roadster «Crimea» is estimated at 10-30 thousand cars per year.

The project manager Dmitry Onishchenko considers small innovative enterprises (MIP) working under state technical universities to produce a car. Thus, students of universities will receive practice in the specialty already in the learning process.