RAVON «Ladas» is not a comrade


The GEELY Chinese company bestseller on our Russian market is the ATLAS model. Today it has the title of the most sold Chinese car in the Russian Federation. And now sensation.

Remember such a name as UZ-Daewoo and once popular cars Nexia and Matiz? Today they practically went to the story. For independent of Uzbek automakers, renewing was carried out on RAVON.

So, the Uzbek company «Uzavtosanoat», which produces Ravon cars for the Russian market, intends to produce in our country a lengthened baby Chevrolet Spark under a new brand. Already known and the name of the budget brand —

On the appearance of a new brand of cars in Russia, the Chairman of the Board of Uzavtosanoate, Shavkat Umursakov, was informed. Production is planned to be adjusted in the North Caucasus at the Derways plant standing today in Cherkessk. Also recently, the authorities of the Karachay-Cherkessia reported that the plant conveyor can earn at the end of 2019, but it seems that these deadlines moved.

«Currently, the bilateral working group is working as a feasibility study on the enterprise from Karachay-Cherkessia, we try to calculate so that the project will pay off, and the cars produced there were competitive and affordable,» reports TASS with the words of Dreamzakov.

He added that initially, according to preliminary estimates — in the first quarter of 2020, in Cherkessk will begin to produce the ledge Hatchbacks Spark. But in the future the ruler can be expanded.

Recall that the protected Chevrolet Spark Uzbek assembly is already presented in our market under the Ravon R2 brand.

The question arises: why the release of the same hatchbacks needed a new brand, especially — consonant with the name of another model? Such a creation of the situation may turn into litigation.

A 15-year-old situation is remembered when Ford made Renaiming and instead of a measured class C called Ford Escort on the conveyor stood up a new Ford Focus. In Germany, Focus magazine is published, which immediately started a trial. But then the parties came to the Agreement.

Meanwhile, Ravon’s brand returned to Russia with three models. These cars during the absence of the brand in Russia have not undergone major changes. True, the Era-GLONASS emergency alarm system has been included in the standard package.


Interestingly, Nexia R3 will now supply in Russia from Kazakhstan: «Screwdriver» assembly of these machines at Saryarkaavtoprom enterprise in Kostanaj (formerly. Kostanay) began two years ago. Local sedans are designed mainly for the domestic market, but since Kazakhstan and Russia are in the Customs Union of the Russian Federation, RB and Kazakhstan, to supply Costanai assembly cars more profitable to us than carry directly from Uzbekistan. The Ravon R2 and R4 models for the Russian market are still produced at the heading plant of UzAvtomotors in Asaka (Uzbekistan).

The new network of dealers includes 45 sales centers. These are mainly the same car dealerships that were engaged before. Soon another 20 dealers will sign contracts soon. By the end of the year, it is planned to fully restore the former network, and the goal for the future is 150 dealers in Russia. A powerful RAVON car sales growth lever will be credit programs. Negotiations with banks on the creation of financial programs are held. We add that car warranty for three years or 100 thousand mileage kilometers.

The leadership of the Uzbek automaker has serious plans for the Russian Federation. By the end of this year, it is planned to bring 11,000 RAVON cars to Russia, of which 7-8 thousand will be sold until December 31. Objectives and sales plans are also voiced. It is planned to take 2% of the Russian market, that is, to sell approximately 34 thousand RAVON cars (I wonder how many of them will be under the ATLAS brand?).

There will be more further, because the Government of Uzbekistan delivered this summer to the plant of Uzavtomotors, the task of bringing the volume of exports to 100 thousand cars by 2023, and the Russian market plays a crucial role in achieving this goal.

It is in principle that it will be difficult to implement such «Napoleonic plans» with such an obsolete model nearby, although there will be demand for budget cars. Therefore, in collaboration with General Motors, Uzbek partner has plans to expand the model range. But, alas, not at the very near future. Of course, the plans have a crossover. Already at the end of this year, the plant in Asak must begin the production of parquets