Ravon will have a lot


Uzbek automaker Uzauto Motors seriously took up the repeated development of the Russian car market. After the start of sales of the first three models in the plans to bring crossovers to the Russian Federation.

On September 22, the ceremony of returning the Ravon car market was held in the solemn atmosphere. Uzbek automaker Uzauto Motors (former GM-Uzbekistan) resumed sales after almost a two-year break. The first to the Russian market returned Ravon R4 cars, Ravon R2 and Ravon Nexia R3. In fact, it is «overflowing» cars Chevrolet.

In this case, it is worth paying attention to the next moment. This is the position of the American concern General Motors. It is somewhat dual. On the one hand, the Americans do not let their European Opel brand developments in Russia. As you know, restrictions for the German brand of the French group PSA (Peugeot) of the German brand OPEL are that cars with lightning on the radiator, in which there is an intellectual component of the American concern cannot be sold in the Russian Federation. You can export to Russia only new Opel cars built on the platforms of the French group.

On the other hand, the Uzbek partner of American autohydagant quietly goes to Russia with its development. Ravon R2 hatchback is Chevrolet Spark, Ravon R3 sedan is a lengthened Chevrolet Aveo, and Ravon R4 is known from us as Chevrolet Cobalt. Indeed, the development is already pretty fresh. Probably, this factor became decisive for the heads of American autocontrace.

Recall as well. In 2009, the American auto-giant has already attempted to get rid of his European asset Opel. Then Sberbank of the Russian Federation and the Canadian manufacturer of autocomponents Magna were the applicant for the purchase. The German authorities were not against the purchase, since the main production facilities and the R & D centers are located in the five lands of the FRG. But at the most responsible moment from Washington flew a formidable shock. And negotiations were discontinued.

Why did we remember the whole story? Just because the Ravon brand has very ambitious plans in Russia. As the General Director of Uzavto Center LLC, Sarvar Kadyrov, said, this year they plan to implement 7 thousand cars of the brand, in the next — 34 thousand. And in 2022, Uzbek Ravon has plans to withdraw our market

According to AUTO.Mail.Ru, the Ravon brand plans to strengthen its position in the Russian and other markets with two crossovers and one sedan. Specific models are not called, but you can safely assume that it is

In the domestic market of Uzbekistan, the crossover Tracker now stands in terms of 1.3 million rubles from the Uzbek currency, Malibu sedan is about 1.9 million rubles. True, in Russia, Ravon cars of the current line are about 100 thousand rubles. more expensive than in his homeland, so these prices are hardly in the Russian Federation.

But the most interesting thing is that the Uzbek models of Ravon have European analogues, which are not allowed to bring the PSA group to Russia. Where is the logic? Recall that more than fresh Chevrolet Tracker has the Opela Opel Mokka, and the ancient crossover Chevrolet Captiva is «relative» Opel Antara.