Red rag for … autopilot


The researchers created an image, at the form of which the behavior of electronics becomes unpredictable.

The problem has discovered a group of scientists of the Institute of Intellectual Systems named after Max Planck. They found out that the «drone» ceases to correctly define objects on the road if a special picture falls into the frame of the chamber. Such a multicolored spot printed on a T-shirt, in the form of a sticker on a bumper or on a bag with products, can become a problem for the safety of autonomous cars — they can dramatically change the direction of movement or stop.

Scientists fear that in the future, when self-governing transport becomes a massive, like «picture» can take advantage of the attackers. It is especially concerned about scientists that self-learning systems based on neural networks, which are an integral part of the «autopilot», begin to be mistaken even from small shifts.

Researchers work on solving this problem and urge to pay attention to the threat of companies that are developing autonomous driving systems.