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Constantly tightening requirements for modern automatic transmissions, as well as the request of consumers for comfort and driving pleasure, make it necessary to use highly efficient filters.

The amount of passenger cars with automated transmissions, double-grip transmissions and variastors is constantly increasing. This trend opens up new prospects for transmission oil filtration systems on the spare parts market.

Original quality Hengst filters are ready for any challenges. They are designed to ensure maximum wear and optimal transmission functioning in any conditions.

Filters for modern automatic transmissions

Modern automatic transmissions reduce CO2 emissions and, undoubtedly, are a central element of pleasure and driving comfort. But they are also extremely demanding of cooling and wear protection.

The purity of the transmission oil is an indispensable condition for the resource of individual components. If the number of abrasive particles or contamination particles is too large, the reliability of the transmission is under threat.

Only pure oil prevents wear without prejudice to efficiency and comfort. Hengst solutions for automatic transmissions offer minimal resistance to fluid flow with the highest quality filtering.