Return Lifan.


Despite the enormous losses, the Chinese automaker Lifan did not turn the automotive unit and make the release of motorcycles with its main specialization. The production of cars will continue in enterprises in the PRC, and cars of the Chinese brand will return to the Russian market.

Recently, as you know, the Chinese automaker received the approval of the type of vehicle (FTS) to its Lifan X70 car. This certificate allows it to sell this model until spring 2021. But here is an important point. Approval is obtained for a car, which is released in China at the factory in Chongqing. There is no local model of speech. That is, the car will be imported due to Amur.

Today, as you know, the Chinese brand has a problem. Russian buyers felt it last year. True, the problems were marked by the Russian assembly enterprise «Derveyes» from Karachay-Cherkessia, on which Lifan was collected.

The remains of last year’s assembly in the current year sold out. Statistics Gave us a figure of 3,472 cars of this brand for 9 months from last year’s residues.

And now cars will be delivered from China, and the Lifan X70 crossover will be the first to which approval is obtained.

Today, the Chinese automaker has a very difficult situation at home. Lifan assembly plants. One had to sell. For $ 94 million, the Chinese company Chongqing Xinfan Machinery Equipment acquired it. But the second plant acquired a strategic partner Beijing Chehejia Information Technology. This is a guide startup CHJ Automotive, which plans to establish the production of premium crossover Leading Ideal Li One. So this startup was the actual owner of the above-mentioned Lifan plant. These perturbations with the owners of a simple car enthusiast from Russia are hardly interesting. He is worried more landed questions. Like, and whether this brand will not die, whether it is worth buying a car, will there be any surprises, etc.?

We calm down, the Chinese get rid of unprofitable assets, but from the auto industry it seems to do not leave — the issue of current models will continue, and an ambitious startup will help with the news of the brand.

A few months ago, rumors appeared, as if Mark would give up the sale of cars in other markets, including Russia. Instead, it will focus on the trade of motorcycles and engines — in these areas Lifan remains one of the world leaders.

The choice of model to return to the Russian market is clear. Lifan X70 is the most recent and demanded company model. According to our laws, the change of production platform requires re-certification and registration of the new OTTP, so the document appeared only now. Judging by the FTS, from the PRC to us will be delivered crossovers equipped with a 2-liter atmospheric (136 hp), with front-wheel drive and two transmissions — 5-speed «mechanics» or variator. The only difference is for the machine of Chinese production with a manual transmission allowed the trailer towing (weighing 550 kg, without a braking system), while Russian cars did not have such permission.

Dealers expect the first batch of cars from the PRC in October. Prices have not yet been announced, but with the transition to import Lifan X70, it will certainly rise in price.