Russians began to praise Haval crossovers


The promotion demand for a new Chinese crossover provoked a deficit of the model and waiting for commodity machines in a number of dealer centers.

This fact was recognized in the Russian representative office of HAVAL. However, the Chinese automaker in the near future intends to eliminate the deficiency due to an increase in the production of crossovers at its Khavey Motor Manufechchuring Rus, located in the Tula region.

A few brand dealers reported on a shortage of cars, including in Moscow. Where in line for the Chinese cost more than 50 customers of the dealer center.

According to the representative office of the Chinese automaker, today the company «Havale Motor Manufechchuring Rus» may well satisfy the demand for cars. Now it is increasing the release of up to 50 crossovers into one shift, another month earlier the production plan was 35 cars. According to AEB statistics last month, buyers purchased 425 cars of this model, this is four times less than the number of such popular crossovers as Hyundai Tucson or Nissan Qashqai. Nevertheless, it is the local success of the Chinese car, given the alertness of the attitude towards them of Russian motorists. While the novelty factor works.

The dealer network of the Chinese brand grows as on the yeast, they are already more than fifty, so the dynamic start of the Chinese crossover is calculated and calmed. Yes, and by the way, the first test drive, which conducted the exhaust journalists «Autores» did not reveal any failures in the design and assembly of the car.

Recall that the Haval F7 crossover is offered at a price of 1.45 million to 1.82 million rubles. The car is equipped with Chinese inflatable volumes with a volume of 1.5 liters (150 hp) or 2.0 liters (190 hp) with phase inspections on the inlet and on the release, with a two-circuit cooling system and an oil pump of variable performance. It is noteworthy that the cast iron cylinder block, and not aluminum, which is better for the resource and maintainability. This fact, the development of a seven-step «robot» with two clutches supervised the experienced German transmission officer Gerhard Henning, who has worked in Volkswagen AG and Daimler AG for a long time, and then moved to Great Wall Motors, which belongs to the Haval brand. The car has good noise insulation, impenetrable pendant on a bad road.

Meanwhile, the company notes that the temporarily arising deficit does not prevent the launch of the production of other models of the HAVAL brand. As previously reported, at the end of the third quarter, the production of the HAVAL F7X coupe and frame SUV HAVAL H9 starts.

A renewed model H9 will rise to the Tula Plant conveyor, although the car has been finalized a little more than two years ago. But Haval did not begin to approach the update formally and did not limit themselves to the change in appearance. The front part of the SUV is completely new — with LED headlights instead of the previous bixenon. Updated Haval H9 entered the «elite» club of harsh SUVs, which have a forced blocking of the front intercole differential. Now, from civilians, such equipment can boast that Mercedes G-Class, Jeep Wrangler.

The car is installed in a gasoline turbocurid 2.0 T-GDI. The developing capacity of 224 hp, which performs the requirements of the CHINA-VI environmental standard (EURO-6 analogue) and in addition can work on the «ninety-second» gasoline (formed at least AI-95 ). The eight-stage «automatic» ZF former. The gamma also has turbodiesel 2.0 CRDI (190 hp, 420 nm).

It is too early to talk about how serious positions in the Russian market will take a Chinese brand. However, a serious application is made.