Sensation at the falling car market of the Russian Federation.


Analytical agency AUTOSTAT-INFO amounted to the Oktyabrsky rating of new cars sold in Russia.

Sensations are several. The domestic car Lada Vesta slowed down and became the third, although in 2018 overtook Kia Rio and even a few months was the leader of Russia until he was «made» GRANTA. Now there was a casting with Korean. Apparently, domestic buyers are waiting for Vesta with a new engine and a Japanese variator.

The second sensation is that for the first time in 9 years of presence in the Russian market, Hyundai Solaris missed the Volkswagen Polo forward.

Third sensation — Czech Liftbek Skoda Octavia entered the top ten. Although in August in August, the model was kept in the top 25 on the 25th place.


On the sixth place moved

Earlier it was reported that by October of this year, 152,057 units were sold in Russia. New passenger cars and LCV. It is 5.2% less than was implemented in October last year — 160,425 units. Auto.