Six strong brands for your success


Mahle is the world’s leading international partner of the International Automotive Industry. For several decades, the company was the first in the production of components for the internal combustion engine and attachments and today offers consumers worldwide complex systems that differ unsurpassed latter and depth of the range. In the world, MAHLE products can be found in every car. Mahle regularly takes part in Competitions of Formula 1, 24 hours Le Mana and in truck races. In particular, being the world’s largest manufacturer of pistons, a Mahle is a single serial manufacturer, components of its parts of the barges participating in the Formula 1 races.

The company has 170 units around the world and presented in 32 countries. In 16 major research and development centers of Germany, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Spain, Slovenia, USA, Brazil, Japan, China and India, 6100 engineers and technical specialists are working on innovative solutions to increase the mobility of the future. The company’s specialists consider such megatrends as the growth of the population, urbanization, globalization and climate protection, not only as possible, but also as an obligation, so that technologies and achievements in the field of automotive industry are as environmentally friendly.

Double strategy mahle

Despite the growing value of electric vehicles, specialists

On the one hand, new solutions are implemented to improve the efficiency and environmental friendliness of the internal combustion engine, and at the same time highly efficient drive systems, power electronics and electrical auxiliary devices for hybrid and electric vehicles are being developed.

The quality of the original equipment is guaranteed

Car service specialists, retailers and final buyers around the world can take advantage of the experience, knowledge and newest developments, as well as a comprehensive, constantly expanding assortment of components

Six strong brands — for your success

At the international and regional markets, Mahle represents six strong brands.

Solid International Brand


Under the MAHLE brand comes:

• Details for engines and turbocharger

• Filters

• cooling and air conditioning system

• Starters and generators

• Electronics and electronics

• equipment for car service


ATTENTION! In 2019, the well-known Mahle Original brand changed to MAHLE.

European leader in filtering

Knecht Filter is a European filtration specialist, an authoritative brand that has close connections with traditional consumers and for decades being part of the MAHLE brand family

Under the Knecht brand comes:

• Oil filters

• Air filters

• Salon filters

• Fuel filters


• hydraulic systems filters

Brand for American commercial vehicles


Under the Clevite brand, the market comes:

• Rings

• Valves

• Pistons

• Cylinder sleeves

• Assembly kits

• Bearings

• camshaft bushings

Brand for Japanese commercial vehicles


• Pistons

• Rings

• Remkomplekty

• Valves

• Sleeves

• Bearings

Brand equipment for a hundred

Under the European brand BRAIN BEE, which is the youngest member of the MAHLE brand family, equipment for car service, ranging from the toxicity of exhaust gas toxicity and diagnostic systems to air conditioners maintenance systems.

The BrainBee manufacturing program, in particular, includes:

• Air conditioning equipment

• Oils for air conditioners compressors

• Autochemistry and accessories for maintenance of air conditioning and cooling systems

• Installations for dynamic oil replacement in automatic transmission

• Exhaust gas toxicity control systems

International Expert on Cooling and Air Conditioning Systems


Behr delivers the following products to the after-sales service market:

• Thermostats

• Thermalcles

• Thermal sensors

• Air conditioning compressors

And that is not all! Starting from 2020, the whole line of brand products

The best auto parts will not bring any benefit if they are not delivered at the right time in the right place. Therefore, more than a dozen logistics centers

In 2019, five years were five years to the Russian division