Skoda «empty» to Hyundai and Dacia


The heads of the German Volkswagen Group decided to reassign two brands that are part of the automaker. The reform will affect Czech Skoda and Spanish SEAT.

Today in the structure of the largest European automaker Volkswagen Group there is a large family of automotive brands, including

In addition, the unification of platforms and standardization of production plays a significant role in such competition, which, on the one hand, saves the VW Group very serious funds, and on the other, leads to monotony of the car produced.

The conclusion suggests itself — it is necessary to eliminate the inner competition and position various stamps in various market niches with a different target audience.

Back more than 10 years ago, when the Rule of the German concern was the recent Ferdinand Pehei from us, he made an attempt to reposition brands. Then, after an unsuccessful attempt to buy the Italian brand Alfa Romeo (she was not sold to the Germans), the idea was up to chapter — to make the Spanish Seat something like an incendiary Italian. The Spanish brand had to become more emotional and more sporty. For which the general SEAT management with Audi was formed. But the idea of ​​the ingenious Ferdinanda Fair was incorporated. Today, the vehicles of the Spanish brand are technically different from VW and Skoda, and their design is hardly defined as «with a perch.»

The yield was found in the fact that the Sport Sports Stem Cupra broke off. But actually the model range of the Spanish automaker copies the Czech Skoda, and the Senior German Volkswagen, and even in part Audi.

Now for the Spaniard, the decision is found — it will be raised in «premiums». The Spanish brand will be positioned as a brand, above the mass market segment, and which is entrusted to take customers from the same target audience, where Alfa Romeo and Mazda reigns today.

Is it more interesting to us, what new positioning is preparing the German Volkswagen with his Czech «daughter»? Since Spanish Seat, as is known, three times visited the Russian car market three times, and here neither gained his popularity, no fans, and as a result, turned out its activities and left Russia.

«In the future, we want to more clearly position each of our brands. SEAT has Cupra models that can play on emotions and passion, and Skoda could be more efficient to be sold, responding to the requests of Eastern European markets, I have been intensively writing to the functionality more than now, «Quotes Automotive News by the Car Strategy Automotive Strategy, Michael Yosta. The leadership of the German group will closely, so that there are no intersections in the proposals of the group’s brands, also noted Yost.

That is, with Skoda just everything is simple — return to the origins. Today, it is unlikely that he remembers that in the late 80s of the last century, the Czech automaker produced the cheapest mass car in Europe — Skoda Felicia. And when the Czech plant in Mlada Boleslav passed under the control of the German Volkswagen, the first generation of Skoda Octavia, and then the updated Felicia and the first Fabia became «folk hits», thanks to the gentle price network. Only subsequently the price of Czech cars rose and internal competition with VW cars arose in the German group. By the way, with time in Germany, the Burgers began to consider Skoda with their brand.

Now, before the Czech brand, the task is to return to the budget segment, where Korean Hyundai, Kia dominate, and in addition and Romanian Dacia. On the success of the European market of this Romanian brand, which is part of Renault Group recently

That is, in the near future, the Czech automaker will either take into service the strategy of Korean automakers, which says: «More car for the same money», or will produce cars easier, without the most expensive options, and thereby fulfilling the goal — «conquer» a mass audience, Where today yourself feel the above-mentioned automakers.

Of course, in Russia a car of such a mass brand, and even with a gentle price, will be doomed to success. The main thing is that in the process of cheaper, the branded traits of the current Skoda are not lost.

We will add that recently, the leaders of the Czech automaker claimed that the newest models like the Skoda Scala Golf Class hatchback, the youngest crossover in the Skoda Kamiq model line on the Russian market will not be presented, because they will not find demand, first of all, due to the price.