Skoda is not a stateput.


The head of the Czech automaker Skoda Bernhard Mayer denied reports that the Bosses Volkswagen Group want Czech brand to become more fiscal segment in the future, but hinted that the company is interested in developing elementary-level models.

According to British AutoCar, the prospect of what Skoda will actually become the brand of the initial level of the group, was considered by the head of the Volkswagen Group Herbert Disc within a number of activities to increase differentiation between its brands.

In turn, the Chef Skoda Meier said: «We have a clear strategy for the development of the Czech brand, which was adopted three years ago. Skoda has a clear picture of the brand positioning, probably one of the most distant on the market. «

«Our values are the optimal value for money, reliability, capacity, more cars for the same money. We always position our cars at the very end of the relevant segments, so you get, say, car class B with an approach to a car in-plus. This is an attractive package that many of our customers appreciate, and we will continue in the same spirit, «such a tirade said Skoda Bernhard Mayer.

But at the same time, he suggested that Skoda could consider the possibility of launching new elementary level models — but only if the Czech automaker will be able to find production facilities for this. At present, SKODA power is loaded at 100% and some of how they cope with the satisfaction of the demand for cars, especially three models of crossovers — Kamiq, Karoq, Kodiaq.

Meyer did not specify which model it means as an entrance, apparently, the cars of the dimensional class A. It is such babies that require the Indian market. And Skoda leads to the promotion of the Volkswagen Group in India and other developing countries, where small segment models are popular. In Europe, its smallest car is the newly launched in a series of electrical Citigo-E IV.

Note that recently, the Chef of the Moscow Office Yang Rube said that a localized compact crossover Skoda KaroQ will soon appear on the Russian market. Dealers will start accepting applications in February-March 2020 to a novelty. At the same time, the swollen noticed that in the first year of sales, the brand’s management does not expect that KaroQ will overtake the «senior» kodiaq sales, because at the start of «Karoka» there will be fewer motors and complete sets. The production of a compact crossover will be established at the facilities of the GAZ Group in Nizhny Novgorod, where Liftbak Octavia and KodiaQ crossover are already available. In addition, the VW Group has another plant in Kaluga, which produces brand bestseller — Liftbak Rapid.

In Europe, Skoda KaroQ engines include five power units. Clients are offered gasoline 1.0 l (115 hp and 175 nm) and 1.5 liters (150 hp 250 nm), as well as diesel 1.6 liters (115 hp and 250 nm) and 2.0 l (150 hp and 340 nm, or 190 hp and 400 nm). Decisions on which configuration and motors will be available in Russia, are still under discussion. But it is known that buyers will be offered both front-wheel drive versions and automobiles with a full drive.