Skoda Octavia is expelled from Russia


The presentation of the next generation Skoda Octavia will take place on November 11. It was on this day 60 years ago a debut of this sign model for the Czech automotive brand took place. But will there be the most popular car in our market in Russia in our market?

Monthly, in October, the presentation of the eighth generation «Donor» Skoda Octavia will be held. The German concern Volkswagen did not take the market for a very long time and pulled VW Golf debut. Now two related cars will be released.

Skoda Octavia, like Golf-VIII, created on the modular Volkswage MQB platform. But the new Czech car will grow in dimensions (by the way, and the current generation of Octavia was the largest in size in dimensional class C). Why do you ask? The reason to the banality is simple.

The first, as evidenced by the shots Motor1, should be presented a wagon.

As for the design, the new generation of the Czech car will lose four-section headlights, which were spoiled, whether they didn’t completely come to the appearance of Octavia.

Paparazzi from Motor1 edition was actually caught without Skoda Octavia camouflage (photo), and even managed to photograph the salon. This photo shows a digital dashboard, a double steering wheel and a large multimedia screen screen. Transmission selector is the former.

The set of power units is still unknown, but you can definitely say that the OCTAVIA of the third generation will continue the «charged» version, the prototype of which is inappropriately crashed into an accident, the news of which all automobile media and Internet portals flew around.

And where is the care of Skoda Octavia from Russia, the meticulous reader will ask?

The thing is that the Czech model is produced under the contract assembly in Nizhny Novgorod at the Gorky Automobile Plant, in the fact of the workshop, where the Volga Siber has been attended on the conveyor (overflowing Chrysler Serb). But when the attempt of Oleg Deripaska, the owner of the GAZ Group, to release a «new Volga» turned out to be a failure, then the Agreement with the German concern Volkswagen was very successful for the rescue. The Germans led to the Nizhny Novgorod model both Volkswagen and Skoda. Today, gas is not produced by the German brand cars, although a sedan Volkswagen Jetta came from the conveyor, but due to low demand, the release was discontinued, and the new generation «Jett» will be

Now on the conveyor in Nizhny Novgorod, Czech cars — Skoda Octavia Liftbek and Skoda Kodiaq crossover remained. Earlier, Skoda Yeti also produced here. It is noteworthy, but the crossover Yeti was even exported in considerable volumes (about 15,000 pieces per year) to the markets of European countries, since the release of this model in the Czech Republic was terminated and the plant was redenamed to a new crossover model.

So why does Skoda’s release in Nizhny Novgorod hanging «Damocles Sword»?

After all, the existing contract assembly agreement was extended in 2017 to eight years to 2025.

The fact is that the German autoconecern Volkswagen AG warned the GAZ Group on the termination of cooperation in the event of a complete entry into force of American sanctions in November of the current year. This was stated in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Oleg Deripaska. Earlier, as you know, another German concern Daimler AG suspended the contract assembly of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Classic vans at the Gas Group’s facilities, which had problems with banks, and a number of suppliers stopped working with a Russian company due to the concern of secondary sanctions.

Recall, the Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, which controls the GAZ Group, fell under the sanctions in April last year. Simultaneously, the enterprises belonging to it were included in the sanction SDN List, including the GAZ Group (also RUSAL, and EN +). As long as the sanctions did not take effect due to the delay, which the regulator — OFAC — periodically extends. But as the Wall Street Journal notes, gas today has no debts in front of Western banks, but its «debt to the Russian state increased to $ 1.4 billion.» «In the case of the introduction of sanctions against gas, the company is likely to abandon the part of its workforce numbering 65 thousand people. The gas has already suffered from falling demand for cars in Russia, as the economy becomes stagnant, «Oleg Deripaska said.

And what will happen to Skoda Octavia and Skoda Kodiaq? With the most unknown version of the situation, Volkswagen will be forced to leave Nizhny Novgorod and the assembly of Czech models stop. Then the German concern will have to either look for another assembly platform in Russia, since his own plant in Kaluga is loaded by assembling popular models — Volkswagen Polo Sedan and Liftbek Skoda Rapid. In this case, the dilemma rises: either Volkswagen will look for a new platform for assembling Czech models, or build a new assembly complex.

If Oleg Deripaska is forced to reduce the controlling stake to the minimum, and American representatives will be introduced into the board of directors of the group, then there is an option that the assembly of Czech cars will probably remain on gas.

We also recall that the Skoda Karoq crossover assembly was planned on Gaza. Apparently, now you should wait for the fateful November, when something is more or less clarified.