St. Petersburg will become the capital of motors


Giant on Russian standards Motor plant will build South Korean

The construction of the engine plant on the new platform will be engaged in Hyundai WIA, which is included in the Hyundai Group of Companies. According to the director of the Russian office about Sanghun, the company will start working in 2021 and will create about 500 new jobs.

The production plans of the enterprise are impressive by the Korean leader. At the first stage, 233 thousand engines for Hyundai and Kia cars will be produced at the production site at St. Petersburg. In the future, the company will be displayed on the design capacity in

This is a rather large-scale project in the modern Russian automotive industry.

Recall that the production facilities created by the Alliance Renault-Nissan Lines for the production of engines on

As for the further plans of the Hyundai concern, the part of the Motors collected in Russia, about 20%, will go for export. The recipients of the engines from St. Petersburg will be Hyundai-Kia automotive plants in Europe and Asia.

But the overwhelming part of the manufactured motors will go to the neighboring company Hende Motor Manufecturing Rus, which works in the «Northern» capital since 2010 and is one of the most successful in the Russian automotive industry.

Last year, its load was 107%.

Recall that in December 2018, Hende Motor Manuff Turing Rus concluded a special investment contract (SPIK) with the Ministry of Industry RF and the Government of St. Petersburg. The company has been subject to build a motor plant, as well as update the range and create a car development center. The total amount of investment can reach 35 billion rubles.

It is noteworthy that Hyundai plans to produce a high-tape engine, since such nodes as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, pistons, crankshaft, etc. Russian origin. This will allow we carry out a weighted pricing policy.

It is not yet reported to which model of the motor is planning to produce in St. Petersburg. But clearly it will be gasoline