Starting halogen VS LED: And I want to ourselves


LED light sources in the automotive industry moved a few years ago from the discharge of breakthrough technology into the category of massively used products. Moreover, not only in the field of auxiliary lighting, but also in the systems of head light.

LEDs are characterized by increased brightness, they are economical, compact and aesthetic. More and more machine owners with Halogen in headlight heads are interested in replacing regular lamps on LED. To meet the needs of this fairly wide category of consumers, almost all leading world manufacturers of automotive lighting included LED lamps intended for modifying standard lighting. But not everything is so simple.

Not all LEDs

In Russia, as in Europe, the headlights of the headlight are obliged to meet the established safety requirements and undergo certification, depending on the conditions of their operation. Thus, in the European Union, automobile spare parts and accessories intended for use on public roads must comply with the standards of the UN European Economic Commission — it establishes the European Security Standard (ECE) for certain products. At the moment, the ECE standards are designed for halogen, xenon and LED headlamps intended for a complete set of new cars. ECE R37 standard describes the requirements for halogen lamps, ECE R99 concerns xenon lamps and ECE R128 — LED. The latter applied to the head car LED optics does not apply to LED lamps designed to replace halogen lamps certified by the ECE R37 standard. In other words, currently existing legislation does not provide for the re-equipment of the car with originally installed halogen lamps for light sources of other type.

Note that the ECE standard for halogen lamps is very hard and clearly prescribes their characteristics. Having bought a certified lamp, the car owner may not doubt that it will get the predictable shape of the light spotlight, the brightness and range of the beam, which will not make the oncoming drivers. Since there is no similar current standard for LED lamps in a halogen spot, the consumer has no legislative orientation to choose a safe and high-quality product. This circumstance uses suppliers of LED lamps of unfair brands, imposing goods to consumers often dubious quality. Most often, such products are characterized by a short light beam and losing the range of illumination even with high-quality halogen lamps. And much worse when poor-quality LEDs are made with incorrect light distribution. After installation in the «halogen» headlights, they become dangerous, because, to all of the time, mercilessly blind drivers of opposite cars in the mode of near light.

Safety landmark

In the current situation, «Insure» a car owner can produce proven brands. Only large manufacturers of lighting equipment have all the necessary resources for the manufacture of LED lamps that meet the required technical parameters and safety criteria. Companies of this level as OSRAM can afford to carry out expensive scientific and technical research and product testing in specialized laboratories. In Osram, the creation of LED light sources is engaged in serious teams of professionals who calculate all possible technological and operational nuances. Plus, very rigid internal quality standards apply to the entire production chain of LED lamps. The vast experience of OSRAM in the field of automotive lighting ensures that after the modernization of standard halogen lighting, the headlights with LEDs will not be «weak», will give the correct light spot and will not turn into a disaster for other road users.

High-quality LED light sources, in addition to the correct light distribution and increased brightness, much more durable halogen. For example, the OSRAM LED lamps will serve an average of 5 times longer than standard «halogen», minimizing the risk of a sudden failure in a long trip. This is supported by the official 5-year warranty OSRAM, producing LED products for cars at its enterprise in Italy. And from aesthetic point of view, LED lighting is more attractive: pure and contrasting white light is preferable for comfortable night driving.

The modern driver can safely count on the quality and reliability of LEDRIVING® LED products. In the range of the German brand there is a complete range of products to go to advanced LED technologies — lamps for the lighting of the cabin and special off-road lighting, lamps for headlight, signal lights, DRL and foglights.