Stylish Italian Design School


In the Russian car market, the products of the Italian auto industry are practically presented. Nevertheless, cars from the Apennine Peninsula are famous for their stylish design. World Wide Web Images

Italians merged in Internet photos of the future

Surely in the pictures depicts a layout, because pre-seventive cars have not yet come to the camouflage tests. This means that the pictures have not yet a final design version, but close to a promising crossover.

Common forms and proportions of the PARKEnter are similar as the presented concept car Alfa Romeo Tonale (at the Geneva Motor Show). However, there are differences — the front headlights and the rear lights have become larger, the familiar mirrors and door handles appeared, the size of the wheels is reduced. But there are no photos of the cabin, which means the work on the interior in full swing. Ahead of the Alfa Romeo engineers and designers still a lot of work. Therefore, most likely, the serial crossover on the front-wheel drive platform with the transverse location of the engine is expected no earlier than in 2021. Also known that Tonale will become the first rechargeable Hybrid of the Alfa Romeo brand.

The Italian concern Fiat (today it is FCA because of the American Chrysler) makes a bet on the promotion of the Alfa Romeo brand, like more sports and premium. Naturally, the design of the car for such positioning plays a significant role. And Italianedesyers, so as not to say, masters of their business. It is a pity, it is a pity that the Italian auto industry is practically presented in the Russian Federation.

But, as it will not seem strange, the skill of Italian designers is embodied today with products of the Chinese car industry. Chinese automakers attract the creation of their cars of Italian specialists. So it is possible to accomplish Gorky, look at Italian design across the prism of Chinese cars.