Subarvodi wait


The limited range of the Japanese Subaru brand in the salons of official dealers is intended for such a few categories of car enthusiasts of our country, which are called «Subarvodi». They are attracted by opposite engines and four-wheel drive.

But this time, they will unite them. Today, the SUBARU IMPREZA car is a forbidden fruit, it is not presented in a model range of the company. Only raised cross-hatchbacks Subaru XV are supplied to Russia. Meanwhile, in Japan, standard sedans and hatchbacks on the conveyor for the fourth year and the company announced the output of updated versions.

The first is the first to declassify the cars for the Japanese market, where the five-door is sold under the name Impreza Sport, and the sedan is called Impreza G4. Impreza has gained a new media system with an enlarged screen and an extended functionality, but other interior metamorphoses are modest. This is a little different buttons on the central console and another combination of finishing materials. From now on, all Imprezes for the Japanese market will have a complex of Eyesight Touring Assist (before it was an option), which combines adaptive cruise control, automatic braking system and retaining in the strip.

Motors are former — this is the opposite atmospheric with a volume of 1.6 (115 hp) and 2.0 l (154 hp), which work in a pair with a wedgered variator. In Japan, Impreza is offered both with full drive and in basic front-wheel drive versions. The company stated that in the modernization process, engineers worked over the ride properties and cars should be more comfortable on the go, but there are no details.

Updated Subaru Impreza will appear in the fall of E Japanese dealers. Following the car will enter the markets of Europe and America, there, too, there is its own layer of «Subarvodov». But in Russia we will have to wait for a restyling model XV, which will be held later.