Tagaz did not pass the exam


The sorrowful list of domestic automobiles, which includes the metropolitan Zil and Moskvich (AZLK), replenished the Taganrog Automobile Plant (Tagaz).

If the Soviet Monsters auto plants could not survive the period transition to the market and provide the running model, then the enterprise on the banks of the Azov Sea was actually a pioneer to assemble foreign models, which used very good demand in the domestic car market. Just the Taganrog car was constantly not lucky. Look it was karma.

In 1997, the owner and head of the Doninvest group Mikhail Paramonov agreed with the Korean automaker

Next was the attempt to cooperate with the French automaker Citroen, but quickly ended.

In 2003, the first car comes from the TagAZ conveyor

Then there were attempts to cooperate with other Korean and Chinese automakers (SsangYong, Chery, Jac, BYD), an attempt to release their own cars under the TagAZ emblem, buying an engineering firm in Korea. But everything turned out to be fatally unsuccessful.

Today, the Taganrog automotive plant is not subject to restoration and turned into, in fact, into an abandoned enterprise. In production workshops, where there were no time for cars, now there is a dissection by the miracle of the preserved equipment. This is talking about a series of videos, which appeared in a public bank Taganrog in the social network «VKontakte».

Here rust unwinded machines and remnants of the conveyor line. Everywhere there are pieces of metal and spare parts, banks with paint and other trash. Part of the trash is trying to remove on scrap metal.

In 2014, Tagaz was declared bankrupt, but to buy his property — including four assembly lines, welding shops, coloring and electroplating — no wishing.

So the history of the first private automotive plant in the newest history of the Russian Federation ends.

Today, similar fate can comprehend other enterprises in the industry. So far enterprises are installed as a plant

Stopped another factory

Unclear fate from the auto plant

Former Tagaz employees regret the fate of their company. So, among the reviews, there are also. «Eh, destroy such a plant. My poor [welding] Robots Yaskawa, threatened everything, «said some Irina Fedayeva.

«I think, if you start to release [Hyundai] Accent now, it will also begin to be popular as in 2000. It is a pity, native Tagaz, «the user spoke Ruslan Kovalenko.