The Chinese crossover with the Swedish «Heart» will come to Russia soon


On the official website of the Chinese automaker Geely in Russia, there are only 4 models. Very soon, they will add a rather interesting novelty, which Russians could see at last year’s Moscow International Auto Show. What is it interesting?

Recall that today in the Russian automotive market are presented crossovers Geely Atlas and Emgrand X7, Emgrand 7 sedan in the Russian Federation also supplied from the neighboring Republic of Belarus, where the joint venture «BelDi» works.

But if these three models are produced there at the full cycle, then the new crossover

The new Parquetur of the Chinese brand must enter the Russian market until the end of this year. At home, the model is offered with a turbo engine developed by Geely with Volvo. In China, sales of the new compact crossover Geely started in the autumn last year, but the most interesting thing is called there

Now about the technical side. GEELY BINYUE is based on a new BMA platform (B-Segment Modular Architecture), designed for compact models. The Binyue length is 4,330 mm, and the wheelbase is 2 600 mm. Thus, the China crossover is a slightly compact relative Swedish spectrum Volvo XC40 (Swedish brand belongs to the Chinese Geely, and the XC40 is based on the CMA cart, developed by the companies together), the indicators of the Swedes are 4,425 and 2,022 mm, respectively.

In the homeland, Geely crossover is available with gasoline «turbo-» 1.0 l (136 hp, 205 nm) and 1.5 liters (177 hp, 255 nm). The second engine, by the way, was also created with the Volvo Car — they are equipped with Volvo XC40. The «Chinese» the basic engine is combined with a six-speed «mechanics», the seven-liter works in a pair with a seven-step robotic gearbox with a double grip of a wet type. Also in the model, the model has hybrid versions based on the engine of 1.5. And how the Chinese PARTNICTS is found — Geely Binyue drive only front.

Before us, the novelty Geely, according to preliminary data, will get until the end of this year. There is information that the Chinese automaker began certification of the crossover for Russia.