The detachment will not notice the loss of Datsun


The economic difficulties of the Japanese automaker Nissan can lead to the liquidation of the Datsun budget brand.

So far, the decision on the fate of the Datsun brand is not accepted, and according to the sources of the Reuters agency will be solved in the high cabinets of Nissan by the end of the year. The reason for such a cardinal attitude to the budget brand in the family of the Japanese manufacturer was completely strange circumstances. But a little later about them.

Why was the fate of the «new old» budget brand Datsun on the top management of the Japanese Nissan’s top management? And the point is that in the Indonesian market (by the way, more than 260 million people live in Indonesia. Datsun cars began to take away customers from Nissan, which, naturally, did not like the management of the parent company. In addition, the Datsun business on another market in India is not going Shalko nor Valko. But today it is the Indian market today, «Perspective No. 1», after the car market was saturated, where the decline was observed today.

Why did the Datsun brand return not to the triumphal?

Recall that the story of the revived Datsun began under Carlos Gone, the former head of Nissan. Carlos Gon, known in the professional environment as a tough top manager and the Savior of the second largest Japanese automaker, pulled out him from the crisis in which he got at the beginning of the last decade. Initially, Nissan’s succesan was impressive, especially after the creation of the French-Japanese Renault-Nissan Alliance. Carlos Gon dreamed to turn Nissan to Japanese Volkswagen. For which he needed different brands. The role of the premium was entrusted to Infiniti, and for the budget brand, the revived Datsun was intended, which was caught in the summer in 1981.

Since it is difficult to compete in the developed markets, then in the Retzun Return Strategy, he was intended to be the role of Taran at the fast-growing markets of developing countries — Indonesia, India, and how it will not seem strange, Russia. Then at the beginning of the current decade, the car market of the Russian Federation rose as on yeast, and it was assumed that its volume would reach 4 million new cars in 2020. And the Russian Federation will take the first place in Europe. But the brand-pulled from the chest did not show significant success in any of the emerging markets.

Now the leadership of the Japanese automaker solves the Datsun fate. After the in the summer of this year, Carlos Gon from all senior posts, the financial position of Nissan deteriorated sharply. In addition, relations with the Renault Alliance Renault partner have sharply deteriorated, which set the existence of an alliance.

Now at the helm of Nissan, a new leader who will raise the company «from the knees», voicing the plan of salvation, as a similar similar plan made it over 15 years ago Carlos Gon.

In the new Plan of Improvement Nissan Ordinary measures like a reduction in the company’s personnel, the closure of a number of factories, optimization and reduction of costs. The first steps are already made. So, the premium brand car Infiniti decided to leave, but because of the lowest sales of the premium, he was recommended from Europe and Australia. And in the US, the brand still remains.

According to the very source of the Agency Reuters, the Japanese automaker intends to concentrate on two global markets — the United States and China. According to the agency, Nissan will refuse unprofitable products, for example, from Titan pickup, as well as it will also try to close the underwent production facilities, especially in developing countries.

In connection with this statement, we hope that the plant in St. Petersburg «Nissan Motor Manufechchuring Rus» will not climb. But the Datsun brand can cover.

In the Russian Federation, the production of car brand Datsun is conducted at AvtoVAZ. Japanese foreign car uses the Lada Granta / Kalina platform. Release two models — ON-DO sedan and five-door Hatchback MI-DO. The crossover, which was told a lot to a Russian conveyor, did not get, although there is such a model in India and Indonesia markets.

Possible care of the Datsun brand does not particularly affect AvtoVAZ and its plans. For the first nine months of 2019, 97 thousand things were collected by Lada Granta, while Datsun is only 16.5 thousand. For Nissan, the Russian market is not in focus. And if a strategic decision to refuse to produce a brand will be made, the Lada models may well replace this volume.