The king of Russian off-road is already on sale


The All-wheel drive medium-room truck «Sadko» NEXT entered the car dealer network. The initial cost of the car is 2 million 195 thousand rubles.

Back in July of this year, the Gorky Automobile Plant certified the new All-wheel drive truck «Sadko» Next. Previously, the automotive station began the delivery of this car to Indonesia. Therefore, all the technical features of the machine have long been known.

Unlike his grandfather, the GAZ-66 car «Sadko» Next is a capotic truck, since the cabin for it and the layout scheme were borrowed from the NEXT MATERNANCHER.

Cabin in normal condition accommodates three passengers, and in a double row — seven.

Sadko Next is designed for exploitation on bad roads and off-road. The clearance of the car is 315 mm. Also in the car’s assets blocking both interc differentials, tire paging system and lower transmission. The transfer of a dispensing box (turning on the front axle or lower transmission) is carried out using the buttons on the instrument panel.

NEXT «Sadko» is equipped with a yamz-534 turbodiesel of 4.4 liters, developing power 149 hp Motor is aggregated with a 5-speed manual box. The volume of the fuel tank is 95 liters.

The car that will be the title of «king of Russian off-road» has the continuity of the previous model «Sadko» GAZ-3308, in particular framework, bridges, wheels. From the «Lawn» NEXT to a new car moved not only the cabin module, engine and gearbox, but also the steering mechanism and suspension.

The car used a new steering of the integral type. In combination with an upgraded front suspension, it provides high informativeness, good handling, smoothness and stability on the road.

Also, the machine is equipped with a completely pneumatic brake system. Due to the possibility of air peaks from the compressor, the system retains performance even with small depressurization. There is an option to apply a power take-off box — both on the gearbox and on the distribution. This makes it possible to simultaneously install the winch and a large number of special add-ons.