The most easily integrated cars with invincible access


British Whatcar Car Magazine? Published anti-raid cars that can be sophisticated less than a minute.

Experts of the monthly British car magazine Whatcar? Seven car models with invincible access were experienced: Audi TT RS, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, Land Rover Discovery and Discovery Sport, Ford Fiesta, BMW X3 and DS3 Crossback. The purpose of the experiment was a demonstration of how the «defenseless» make modern cars of the invincible access and engine launch. Using special equipment, experts tried to «steal» each of the seven cars.

The most «affordable» was DS3 Crossback Ultra Prestige. It was possible to sit in the car team after 5 seconds, another 5 seconds experts spent to drive off the car. The «hijacking» LandRoverDiscoverySport 2018 took 30 seconds, of which 10 seconds were spent on hacking an invincible access system.

Some of the tested models are supplied with key rings equipped with motion sensor technology. They are able to determine whether the key moved during a certain time and deactivate it. Such technology in their cars use Audi, BMW, Ford and Mercedes-Benz. Theoretically, the team should not get inside the Audi TT RS, BMW X3, Ford Fiesta or Mercedes-Benz A-Class, when the keychain was deactivated, but this system was not ideal: the key rings continue to make a signal when the owner moves, holding them in Pocket or in a handbag.

Audi TT RS Roadster was opened in 5 seconds and for another 5 seconds. BMW X3 and Ford Fiesta lasted 40 seconds, for 20 seconds each operation, Mercedes-Benz A-Class — 50 seconds, 30 seconds to open and 20 seconds to the hijacking.

The only car that failed to «hijack» turned out to be Land Rover Discovery, which uses a signal transmission system in a wide range, which complicates its interception. Experts spent 20 seconds to be in the car’s cabin, but they could not leave on it.