The new Ural will become a strong dump truck


The domestic automaker from Miass «Ural» showed an experimental sample of a broken dump truck, on which the cab of Iveco is installed.

Comment Exhibition Event, ended just in Moscow, pleased cargo transporters and simply interested in the abundance of new products, among which the bad dump truck «Ural» was clearly distinguished.

However, on the desire to surprise the public clearly dominated KAMAZ, who had the most impressive exposition. But also at the Mias automaker «Ural» and the Belarusian «Maz» had bright and interesting novelties.

The «Ural» tanning showed at the exhibition a prototype of a bad dump truck, where the same cabin is installed from the ancient Iveco, but with a new «smiling» front mask.

Although earlier representatives of the Ural automakers were

Moreover, the Ural automaker to the exhibition clearly did not have time to finalize the renewed interior of the Iveco cabin, as to show the old cabin interior, it means to create a crate and negative loop. Therefore, at the exhibition, the dump truck stood with closed doors and tightly toned windows.

Specialists who worked at the stand were told that the cabin will receive improved noise insulation, the driver’s seat will be equipped with a pneumatic suspension.

Recall also the other characteristics of the dump truck. It has a wheel formula 6×4. Options for engines Two — Yaroslavl diesel NMZ-536 with a capacity of 328 hp And the diesel engine of the YAMZ-653, the developing capacity of 420 hp. Engines will be aggregated with 9- and 16-speed KP. From technical features — integral steering and brake system of WABCO.

A few more features. Capacity of fuel tanks 350 liters. And the most important. The exhibition sample was installed a dump truck with a volume of 16 cubic meters.

The promising dump truck will be represented in two options for carrying capacity — 16.1 and 21.5 tons, with an equipped mass of 11.4 and 13.5 tons and, accordingly, the total weight of 27.5 and 35 tons.

The serial release of the new family of road (non-receipt) trucks will begin in 2020. Now «vice-minding» is tested. His factory index — «Ural C26.328P».

The price tag promise to make competitive — from 4.3 million rubles. The warranty will be 36 months or 150,000 km, the interservice interval promise up to 20,000 km.

Today, the segment of building dump trucks, which have a domestic origin is occupied exclusively by KAMAZ generation K3 and K4. Kamazovtsy brought to modern requirements the oldest generation and today they offer the construction dump truck KAMAZ-6520-26012-53 with its 400 hp aggregate. and passport lifting capacity of 20 tons with a dumping superstructure of 20 cubic meters. For 4.8 million rubles.

Well, the flagship of the KAMAZ construction line is the model of the generation of K4 KAMAZ-6580S5 with a loading capacity of 25.5 tons and a dumping superstructure of 16 cubic meters.

Today, the dump trucks of the Belarusian manufacturer of MAZ remain the only alternative to Kamaz in one price segment.

The perspective baking blind dump truck «Ural C26.328p» and its modification of the total weight of 35 tons will become another serious player in this segment will become another serious player in this segment.