The world saw a new Audi


Automaker from Ingoldstadt brought several new products to the IAA International Motor Show, including the «charged» Liftbek RS7 Sportback and the RS 6 AVANT wagon. In new products, identically decorated front part of the body with massive air intakes that ensure cooling of powerful units.

From the basic Audi A7 Liftbek saved only the hood, roof, front doors and lid of the luggage compartment. Liftback has an extended body with larger wheel arches: the overall width of the model is 1950 mm, 42 mm more than that of the basic A7. The volume of the luggage compartment is the same — 535 liters and 1390 liters with folded seats of the reverse row. Also, RS7 Sportback is laid on 21- or 22-inch wheels, silvery side housings of the rear view and retractable rear spoiler, activating at a speed of 100 km / h.

Technically new Audi RS7 Sportback is a complete copy of the RS 6 AVANT wagon. Liftbek staffed 4.0-liter Biturbomotor V8 TFSI (600 hp, 800 nm), an up-to-ended belt generator, operating from a 48 volt network. The 16-strong electric motor provides a quick launch of the DVS within the Start / Stop system and helps when overclocking. From space up to 100 km / h Liftbek accelerates in 3.6 seconds, by 0.3 seconds faster than the current generation.

The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h electronics. Dynamic and Dynamic Plus packages move limit to 280 and 305 km / h, respectively. In a pair, the 8-speed «automatic» and the permanent four-wheel drive Quattro with an inter-axis differential is still working, by default, distributing cravings in proportions 40:60 (in favor of the rear axle). At the same time, in different conditions, the thrust on the front axle can reach up to 70%, on the back — up to 85%.

Like RS6 Avant, the «charged» elefbeck is equipped with an adaptive air suspension with a sports configuration: in the standard position, the road clearance is 20 mm lower than that of the «ordinary» Audi A7. At speeds up to 120 km / h to optimize the air flow under the bottom, the suspension is lowered by 10 mm. Also provided «lifting mode», which allows you to raise the body for 20 mm if necessary. As an option, an active rear differential, full chassis, carbon-ceramic brakes and electronically controlled Dynamic Ride Control shock absorbers are offered.

At the riding electronics, six modes: Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Efficiency, RS1 and RS2. Sports rolling modes are activated by a separate button on the steering wheel. For efficient start, LaunchControl is provided.

In the body palette of the new Audi RS7 Sportback 13 shades, including two of the RS palettes: Nardogrey and Sebringblack. In the European market, the charged Liftbek will appear by the end of this year, simultaneously with RS 6 Avant.