Tire that pumps himself herself


The manufacturer of autocomponents Continental has shown on the Motor Show in Frankfurt «Digital» tires, the pressure in which is regulated by electronics on the go.

Conti Care Technology (connected. Autonomously. Reliable. Electrified.) Automatically measures and adjusts tire pressure depending on the state of the road web. In combination with the ContiConnectLive application, CONTI CARE technology can provide tire management tools for modern robo taxi parks, such as optimizing expenses, improve performance and safety.

The «smart» tire will reduce fuel consumption, which, in turn, will have a positive effect on the environmental situation. According to Continental, more than 25% of cars on the planet drive with incorrectly pumped tires. Only the elimination of this factor could reduce fuel consumption by 2.8% and, as a result, harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Developed by the company «Digital» tires control several critical parameters, including the tread depth, the tire pressure and the integrity of the tire itself.

To regulate tire pressure in real-time CONTINENTAL, uses a centrifugal pump built into the wheel. Using the rotating force of the wheel, it increases the air pressure in the bus and supports it at a proper level depending on the road situation, which turns the tire of an uncontrolled variable to a dynamically controlled part of the car. This is useful, for example, sports cars or SUVs. Thus, the smart tire in the future can be an integral part of the adaptive suspension.

About the prospects of serial use of the CONTI CARE technology is not yet reported.