Tires ceased to be «digital invisible»



A modern car is able to collect digital data on its nodes and aggregates in real time. But from this point of view for a long time remained «invisible.» The new NokiantyResintuitu solution simplifies the receipt of such data by allowing you to optimally use the tires and worry about their condition.

The system includes intelligent tires equipped with sensors and a mobile application that registers sensor data in tires, passing the user with critical data on pressure and tire temperature. First, the system will be available with tires for agricultural and communal technology, but Nokiantyres intends to introduce digital technology within the entire range of its commercial tires.

The NokiantyResintuitu system is based on the IOT sensors installed in the tires. The first version sensors will transmit pressure data and tire temperature to the application on the mobile device and in the cloud storage of the data. The system does not require any modifications to the vehicle — only tires with sensors and a mobile device are needed.

Why do you need it?

The data obtained in real time provide many advantages in tires professional use. The application provides drivers information about pressure and temperature of tires, which helps to prevent damage and warns about possible anomalies. Maintaining tires in good condition contributes to the achievement of high performance of the equipment, reduce the time of downtime and other expenses associated with damage.

At the company’s level, the Nokian Tyresintuitu system provides data necessary for making decisions and track the efficiency of the entire vehicle fleet — an important bonus for any manager. Data can be used, for example, for prophylactic maintenance.

There is no limit to perfection

Despite the fact that the Nokian Tiresintuitu system is only the first step towards great opportunities, it is already able to transfer useful data that will help in maintaining a fleet, decision-making processes and ensuring maximum return on tire investments.

In the future, the system will «pave the road» for additional functions and extended features. For example, the assessment of tire wear and the integration of the Nokian Tyresintuitu system with its own vehicle fit into the framework of this concept.