To the war of cars and ecologists connected Trump: rates increased


Grouping «green» activists Rock In The Gearbox decided to organize shares against the car dealership in Frankfurt am Main. The International Motor Show in this West German city will be held from September 12 to September 22.

On the eve, the group «Green» from the organization, which calls himself «Stones in the Transmission», broke about four dozen cars of the premium brands of Jaguar, Aston Martin, Landrover, which were prepared as exhibits for participation in the Motor Show.

This incident occurred in the town of Wiesbaden on the territory of the dealer center. Vandals for damage for cars used metal objects: scrap, hammers, etc. Then modern followers of «Ludditov» were released and published a manifesto, in which clarified the causes of such causing behavior.

«In two weeks, the Frankfurt Motor Show starts — a show that promotes the outdated and killing climate transport system. We will denounce this event. In fact, it is chase for profit through the operation of the poor and future generations. «

Following this message, several more groups of environmental defenders have made an intention to join the protests that are scheduled for September 14. In turn, the organizers of the car dealership stated that would strengthen security measures.

And on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the US authorities demand to abandon tough environmental norms. In particular, US President Donald Trump entered into an acute confrontation with automakers, demanding from them to abandon the tough fuel economy regulations established by the previous President Barack Obama.

Returns to less environmentally friendly, but more free standards for fuel consumption in cars will strike the key world autocompany to reduce investments in the development of electrocars. The increase in fuel consumption, in turn, will correct the position of the barrel of oil.

This commitment to auto hydriants took on themselves in 2012 on the initiative of the predecessor of Trump Barack Obama. By 2025, the consumption of car engines sold in the United States should shrink exactly twice, namely to one fuel gallon by 54.4 miles, or 4.6 liters per 88 km of way.

Since the beginning of its presidency, Trump has established itself as a consistent enemy of environmental burdens for the United States, which, in his opinion, do not solve the problems of the Earth, but only weaken the economies of the United States. Exactly for this reason, he initiated the exit of the country from the Paris Climate Agreement. In turn, Obama’s legacy — arrangements with autocompanying for tight fuel standards — is the only largest contribution of America to the fight against greenhouse gases.

Apparently, the opinions in the automotive business were divided. The initiative of the White House does not approve automakers led by American

Less radical «Party» is represented by concerns

In the United States already calculated that the performance of the Trump Plan by 2030 will increase the consumption of the oil of oil at half a million barrels per day. At the same time, the collective costs of automakers on the development of economical cars will decrease by $ 300 billion.

It is equally important that it is the North American market that is a key engineering vector for world car industry. Creating almost all of its own models, automakers unify technology to reduce production, and since sales in the US are the most marginal, this market acts as determining.

According to Bloomberg, the lobbyists of oil giants in the Trump administration may stand for a kickback from environmental norms of Obama.

If everything goes according to the Trump plan, then investment in expensive electrocarbers and hybrids will decrease significantly. The mass electrification of cars, of course, is not canceled, but its deadlines are shifted from the medium-term perspective for one or several decades ahead.