Toyota Corolla squeezed in a common denominator


The 12th generation of the most famous car came to the Japanese market. But it is not like all Corolla.

An interesting thing is the case. All car media and specialized Internet portals broke out that at the home Japanese market, the most popular car of all the times and peoples of Toyota Corolla led to a common denominator. Earlier, in the Japanese car market, they mol, there was a «unfairful» «Corolla».

But if it is to say to Siberians and Far Easterns, they will move shoulders and twist with your finger at the temple. But the thing is that from the numerous Armada of Toyota Corolla cars on the roads of the Russian Federation the most popular is the Axio sedan and universal Filder, but only in the right-hand version. They were delivered so much, and in addition they were so strong that so far on the secondary market of used cars ranks first. And in the regional park among foreign cars they are leaders.

But the thing is that the Japanese home Toyota Corolla was created on a stretched Yaris hatchback platform (sized class B). Far Eastern and Siberians this car is known as Toyota Vitz. He loves his beautiful half of motorists behind the Urals.

Such Corolla is officially sold only within the country, and with the global model of their only name relatives, and even perhaps the module of the climate system. But on the markets of other countries they fell through the auctions in the age form.

What guided top managers of the Japanese automaker, we are not known for sure. But the fact remains a fact.

The sedan and wagon presented today on the islands still have differences. For the domestic car market made more compact, while maintaining already familiar proportions and designer solutions of the exterior. This will make it possible to attract more Japanese buyers, because in the close cities of the islands, on narrow mountain roads, the reduced dimensions of the car are more convenient to operate.

The «Mord» Japanese Corolla repeats the «aggressive» version for the United States and China.

The dimensions of the «home» sedan Toyota Corolla and the Toyota Corolla Touring stationer have a wheelbase of 2640 mm instead of «global» 2700 mm. The length of the car was less than 4.5 meters: 4495 mm from the nose to the tail, that is, the sedan became shorter at 135 mm, and the wagon for all 155 mm. The width of Corolla is also reduced to 1745 mm.

The interior of the Japanese version of Corolla almost does not differ from global analogues. In the basic configuration there are seven airbags, and also — a touchscreen media system. So far, there is considered the norm to sell cars of even the average price category with a plug instead of «music».

And how the engine? What is the difference between the right-handed Corolla, so reliable and endless engines. In the new version for the home market are provided in the base combination — the atmospheric 1.8 (140 hp) with a variator, an alternative — turbo engine 1.2 (116 hp) with a six-speed «mechanics». And the main rate is to hybrid versions that have a deformed engine 1.8 (98 hp), an electric motor (72 hp) and an electromechanical variator.

Home sedans and universals have already begun to produce at the factory in Takaok. The four-door Corolla costs from $ 17900, the Corolla Touring universal is more expensive than $ 700.

Five years in the right-hand drivers, such Corolla can be taken from the auction. Unless, of course, the government will not begin the next phase of combating the import of used cars. In the meantime, on the Russian market, Toyota Corolla is a Turkish sedan with a motor 1.6.