Toyota Yaris 2020 — better less, yes more


The next generation of popular compact hatch from Toyota will appear next year.

Toyota Yaris 2020 became the first compact model based on the new GA-B modular chassis created on the basis of the TNGA branded platform. If compared with the predecessor, the dimensions of the model changed as follows:

At the same time, Toyota engineers managed to lower the center of gravity of the car at 15 mm and optimize the location of the driver’s seat, which is now installed below and move back to 60 mm.

As a result, the car has become lower and shorter, but received a more spacious salon with a fully recycled interior.

For the first time, felt was used for the work of the door cards and the front panel, which, according to designers, will create a more pleasant atmosphere.

Driver’s cabin design is designed around the concept of «hands on the steering wheel, eyes on the road.» All the necessary driver information is displayed on three displays: the central touchscreen multimedia system Toyota Touch, multi-information TFT display at the bottom of the dashboard and the 10-inch projection display.

Also in the equipment of the new Yaris, a wireless charging for gadgets, an adventure access system, an atmospheric interior lighting, JBL audio system and a new smaller steering wheel are also included.


At the start of sales, Toyota Yaris 2020 will be offered with a new hybrid power plant, which contains a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine, an electric motor (80 hp, 141 nm) and a lithium-ion battery block that has changed the former nickel-metal hydride battery. DVS returns and the cumulative power of the hybrid power plant is not reported. At the same time, the company promised a decrease in harmful emissions by 20% and an increase in power by 15% compared with the hybrid of the previous generation. Versions with traditional 1.0 and 1.5 liter gasoline engines will appear after about a year, but only in separate markets.

What else?

Also, the hatchback was promised an updated set of assisting systems, which will include adaptive cruise control and the retention system in the strip already in the basic configurations. In addition, Yaris will equip the central airbag, separating the driver and passenger.

For the European Toyota Yaris market, 2020 will be collected in the French Plant Brand, the re-equipment of which the company costs 300 million euros for the production of models on a new compact «cart».

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