Truck on hydrogen


South Korean automaker Hyundai has published a tizer of a truck concept on hydrogen fuel cells — HDC-6 NEPTUNE.

The premiere of the HDC-6 NEPTUNE hydrogen truck will take place on October 29 in the center of Georgia Congresses in Atlanta. Name Names Company registered only a few days ago. The design of the concept is inspired by the railway trains of the Streamline 1930s. A feature of the streamline design was long horizontal lines, rounded streamlined forms and massive smooth surfaces.

The upper part of the truck resembles a train in the Art Deco style, the lower — futuristic liners of General Motors. Through the length of the body, the blue LED strip passes, which hints on fuel, which «feeds» the concept.

Futuristic concept interior is equipped with several displays and a single steering wheel. The place of traditional windshield took a huge projection display with augmented reality in which the entire front panel is integrated, including «tidy». Instead of the side mirrors of the rear view, a pair of screens is installed. Considering the futuristic appearance, the HDC-6 Neptune, in all likelihood, received an autonomous control system and artificial intelligence.

Technical information about the HDC-6 NEPTUNE company did not provide. No information and the serial continuation of the concept.