UAZ Profi Pulls with Gazelle


A commercial car produced by Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant UAZ «Profi» is inferior in a number of Gazelle’s parameters NEXT, which affects the volume of sales of this model.

But Ulyanovsky is not going to be in the ever lagging forever and revealed their plans to expand the family of their truck.

First, a model with four wheels from the back will appear, that is, in a duplex Oshinovka and with increased lifting capacity. The new rear axle will increase the load capacity, and the release of this model will begin in 2020.

And today, the standard UAZ «Profi» (with single rear wheels) is able to export one and a half tons of cargo. But as already measured in an experienced way, in fact, with full loading, the truck sends to the rear axle. Therefore, the gain is required. The new modification should be obtained enhanced frame and suspension. True, the carrying capacity of the «reinforced» pros will be on a passport of more than one and a half tons. It is also reported that the new version of the commercial car will be available exclusively with rear-wheel drive.

Initially, for the UAZ «Profi», a modification with a two-screw Oshinov was envisaged. Presumably for these purposes was planned to use the leading bridge from the commercial Ford Transit van (reminding that the domestic holding Sollers, who owns the Ulyanovsky plant cooperates with Ford).

It is likely that the construction with the bridge from the Ford Transit and will see the light. No wonder the owner of Sollers Vadim Shevtsov constantly talks about synergies with an American partner. It can still be assumed that the motor gamma of the UAZ SUV «Patriot» can be replenished with a 2.2-liter Turbodiesel from Ford Transit.

Recall, «Profi» comes down from the conveyor of the domestic automaker for almost two years. The «half-one» is equipped with the ZMZ gasoline engine (the Volga engine plant is also as part of the holding) with a volume of 2.7 liters, with a capacity of 149 hp, and aggregated with the five-speed «mechanics». Also, the truck is also offered in a bitolar version that works on gasoline and propane-butane mixture. Prices for the model lie in the range from 824 900 to 1,45,900 rubles.