Under the control of cruise control


South Korean automaker Hyundai introduced Smart Cruise Control technology (SCC-ML) — cruise control based on machine learning, capable of recognizing and analyzing the driver’s behavior.

The world’s first ADAS system based on artificial intelligence is intended for future Hyundai cars. Smart Cruise Control technology (SCC-ML) combines an artificial intelligence (AI) and cruise control (SCC) into the system that independently studies the model and the driver’s habits, and uses the created templates while driving in the stand-alone control mode.

«The new SCC-ML improves the intelligence of the previous ADAS technology to significantly improve the practicality of semi-autonomous functions,» the press service of the company Hyundai Motor Group WOGJUNJANG (WOONGJUNJANG) quotes.

Unlike conventional movement assistants, the SCC-ML technology not only supports the distance to ahead of the car and the specified speed, but also is capable of learning on the example of the driver’s actions.

The template directory is constantly updated. In addition, in order to avoid emergency situations, potentially dangerous driving models are not saved. Combined with a highway an assistant, helping during rebuilding, the new system provides the level of autonomy 2.5 by the SAE classification.