Volkswagen does not give up one


The automotive world trembled rumors that the German concern Volkswagen decided to get rid of his super-brand Lamborgini and focuses on its main profile brands (VW, Audi, Porsche).

However, representatives of the Volkswagen Group in yesterday’s interview with Reuters have denied similar rumors. It was reported that two options were considered as the main options for restructuring — the sale of the company to a third-party owner or withdrawal of Lamborghini shares in open appeal. Moreover, according to the agency, work has already started the work on the transformation of the company to an independent legal entity.

However, representatives of the concern declared Reuters agency that in fact no decisive measures for Lamborghini are currently being discussed. «We have no plans for the sale or exit Lamborghini on an IPO. Assumptions on this bill are unfounded, «said Volkswagen Group. True, the representatives of the automaker did not mention the sale of the company to outside the owner. Therefore, you will have to follow the development of events.

Meanwhile, the operation of the Turkish forces in the north of Syria can «put a cross» on a large-scale project of Volkswagen on the construction of a large auto plant in Turkey. Recently, the details of this automotive project were announced. The production capacity of the automobile plant should be 300 thousand cars per year. It is a quarter more than the power of the Volkswagensky plant in Russian Kaluga.

From the enterprise conveyor, d — Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Superb can be found.

Meanwhile, all these plans can collapse overnight. European countries condemned Turkey for the beginning of the military phase of the operation «Source of the World». And the possible consequence can be sanctions that can be imposed on Turkey.

Representatives of Volkswagen also responded to the actions of the Turkish authorities, stating that the construction of the plant could be at least frozen indefinitely. «We are having a big perception of the situation, however, plans for the construction of a new plant with a high probability can be canceled,» the concern is reported in the published statement.